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Looking for a tropical destination with palm trees and turquoise waters? then look no further than a Yacht charter in Bahamas for the quintessential Caribbean sailing experience. The Bahamas are also home to the best snorkelling spots and one of the largest protected marine parks in the world - 200km of tropical paradise!

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 Bahamas sailing weather conditions

In this sailing region, you will usually find gentle, trade winds of around 15 knots. That said, the Bahamas are an easy, Level 1 sailing destination, ideal for beginners and families, or more experienced sailors looking to unwind and relax.

High season, and also the best time to visit the Bahamas, is September to May, with temperatures averaging 21-24°C (70-75°F).

Note here that the southern islands are usually 5°C warmer than the northern islands.

 Where can we start our Bahamas sailing holidays from?

Yacht charters in the Bahamas start from Nassau (Exumas). All boats are securely berthed at Palm Cay resort and marina, a hurricane-hole offering 360-degree protection.

To reach Nassau, you can either fly to Lyndon-Pindling Airport Nassau (NAS), Georgetown (GGT) or Staniel Cay (STA). If you are visting the Bahamas form the United States, you can also use local airlines such as Bahamasair, Sky Bahamas, Flamingo Air and Air Flight Charter.

Transfer Time Nassau Airport to Marina: 30 mins

If you wish to explore the Exumas chain on a Yacht4Less yacht charter, you can consider all of the below options:

  • Round trip from Nassau to the Exumas, Eleuthera or any other point in the Bahamas
  • One-way trip from Nassau to Staniel Cay or Georgetown
  • One-way trip from Staniel Cay or Georgetown to Nassau

 Yacht4Less Extra Tips  - Beyond a Bahamas yacht charter

In the Bahamas, you will find easy, line of sight navigation, with shallow waters, and you shouldn't miss "Pig Beach", an unhabited island which takes its unofficial name from the cute feral pigs that live on its shallow waters.

The main currency is Bahamian Dollars, however, many restaurants and local shops will also accept US Dollars.

VISAS are not required for US and Canadian visitors.

The local cuisine is also remarkable, and you shouldn't miss out on the Conch salad and Nassau Grouper!

For your last day in the Exumas, you can visit Paradise Island - only 20-minute cab-ride away from the base at Palm Cay!

  Our suggested sailing Itineraries - Rent a boat in Bahamas


 Day 1. Nassau (check-in)

 Day 2. Highborne Cay, Exumas (30 NM)

 Day 3. Warderick Well, Exumas Land and Sea Park (24NM)

 Day 4. Visit the Interpretation Centre, snorkelling, hiking, visit the loyalist plantation ruins, relax on the island's 30 deserted beaches

 Day 5. Shroud Cay (18NM)

 Day 6. Norman's Cay (9NM)

 Day 7. Return sail to Nassau (36 NM). Visit Paradise Island, the aquariums


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