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Though it be but small, it is mighty. While St. Martin is only 87 square kilometers, it is divided 60/40 between France and the Netherlands. The island is truly the best of both worlds, where you will see practically two different destinations on your St. Martin yacht charter. 

With St. Martin sailing, there’s plenty of beautiful nature to explore. You can spend your days on remote, peaceful islands, swimming through kaleidoscope reefs, or chilling on the white sand beaches. You can also delve in and experience the unique blend that has manifested from France and the Netherlands ' influence. The Dutch side of the island is known for an animated club scene, casinos, and plenty of native rum-based guavaberry liquors. On the French side, people love french-indian cuisine, outdoor markets, and nude beaches.

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 Where can we start our St. Martin boat charter from?

The best way to get to your St. Martin yacht charter is by flying into Princess Juliana International Airport (SXM) on the Dutch side. For direct itineraries, there are three airlines that offer regular flights from France: Air France, Air Caraïbes, Corsair. Other airlines offering flights to St. Martin include Air Canada and American Eagle. 

Visa Requirements

If you are flying into the Dutch side, and are not a Dutch national, you must have your passport and a return/continuing ticket. If you fly into the French side, you must also have a passport, or if you’re a French/EU national, you may use your French Identity card or residency card. U.S. and Canadian citizens need a passport and a return/continuing ticket. Anyone visiting from the US, Canada, or the EU does not need a visa for stays under 90 days.

Airport Transfers

If you have questions regarding travel itinerary, Yacht4Less is happy to advise, as well as arrange transportation to/from the airport.  

Transfer time from the airport to Marina Fort Louis: 10 mins by taxi. 

Once you arrive on the island, you will have to stop at Marina Port La Royale to complete some paperwork before you can begin your St. Martin boat rental from Marina Fort Louis. If you use Yacht4Less’ transfer services, the taxi will be waiting for you while you do the administrative tasks.

 St. Martin sailing weather conditions

Lucky for sailors, the average air and sea temps for a St. Martin boat rental is 80°F (26°C) year-round due to it’s “inter-tropical” climate. Some might want to avoid the rainy season (June - December), but it’s not as bad as the other islands, so you could take a chance on the off season to take advantage of lower prices and special offers. Trade winds blow between Dec-March, and June-Aug, however, July-Nov is hurricane season, which is good to be aware of when booking.

The Easterly Trades, during the summer months, are between 10-20 knots, and then during the winter months, the winds blow stronger at 25 to 30 knots.

Sailors should also note that visibility is very good, and you can usually see about 60 miles out. From Aug-Oct, you might have reduced visibility to about 15 miles due to haze. 

The tidal range is small, just about 30 to 60 cm.

 Yacht4Less Extra Tips  - Beyond a St Martin boat rental

There are two official currencies on the island; on the Dutch side they use the Florin and on the French side they use the euro. However, US dollars are widely accepted on both sides. Credit cards are also accepted at the majority of places.

For provisioning during your St. Martin yacht charter, we recommend Carrefour Market on the Dutch side in Phillipsburg or Super U in Marigot on the French side. Yacht4Less can also arrange provisioning to be delivered directly to your boat.

Also for those considering a bareboat charter, a valid sailing or skipper’s license is required. 

 Our suggested St. Martin sailing Itineraries


⚓ Day 1. Marigot Bay, Saint Martin to Road Bay, Anguilla (18 nm)

⚓ Day 2. Road Bay, Anguilla to Anse De Colombier, St. Barts (23.75 nm)

⚓ Day 3. Anse De Colombier, St Barts to Crocus Bay, Anguilla (30 nm)

⚓ Day 4. Crocus Bay, Anguilla to Orient Bay, Saint Martin (30 nm)

⚓ Day 5. Orient Bay, Saint Martin to Gustavia (14 nm)

⚓ Day 6. Gustavia to Great Bay, Philipsburg, Saint Martin (13.7 nm)

⚓ Day 7. Great Bay, Philipsburg, St Martin Returning to Marigot Bay, St Martin (12.5 nm)

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