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Madagascar is an island country in the Indian Ocean, and a new, up and coming favourite sailing destination for those looking for low key exotic vibes, sandy beaches and tropical weather within a close reach of Europe. A Yacht charter in Madagascar is the ideal choice for outdoors enthusiasts - lemurs, baobabs, rainforest, desert, hiking and diving are just some of the highlights you can expect during a sailing holiday in Madagascar.

Madagascar is pure magic. Have the sailing holiday of your dreams, amidst exotic flora, fauna, and stunning vistas, while sailing  Madagascar.

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  Madagascar sailing weather conditions

It's best to take a Madagascar cruise is the winter, between the months of January and March, when the rain is infrequent and the temperatures are agreeable. On Madagascar, you will find an average temperature of 85ºF, or 29ºC, year round. During the period between November and March, rainfall is a bit less predictable.

The season can also have an impact on sailing conditions. You can expect east winds in the morning and westerly winds in the afternoon from October to July. Between the months of August and September, the wind will be very strong, and during the afternoons it can reach up to 45 knots. 

 Where can we start our Madagascar sailing holidays from?

Madagascar yacht charters start from Nosy Be (the island's most famous beach destination). 

Plan to fly into Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar. Then catch a local flight with a regional airline, as Nosy Be is just one hour by plane from the capital. The airport in Nosy Be is called Nosy Be Fascene and the best way to get to the base is via taxi. Yacht4Less is also able to arrange airport transfers for a stress-free arrival day.

There is also a ferry option from Ankify and Nosy Be between 6 am to 4 pm. Mornings are usually more popular due to the trade winds picking up in the afternoon, so plan accordingly.

Transfer Time Nosy Be Airport to Marina: 20 mins

 Yacht4Less Tips & Information - Beyond a Madagascar boat rental

On day one, you’ll arrive at the base in Nosy Be. With its name meaning “Big Island,” markets for provisioning are plentiful. Hell-ville has a large market where you can find seafood, meats, and produce in a very authentic environment. Shampion is also another supermarket where you will find all you need for your trip, and they will accept visa payment. If you plan to visit local establishments, you’ll need to make sure you have cash on you as debit and credit cards are usually only accepted in larger hubs. The currency in Madagascar is the Malagasy Ariary.

Euros, US dollars, or GBP can easily be exchanged at money changing facilities and banks in Antananarivo, or even within the airport. Yacht4Less recommends exchanging currencies ASAP before you head to more rural destinations.

Be on the lookout for the famous ylang-ylang (e-lang-e-lang) tree growing in Nosy Bee, which is used in the making of essential oils for perfumes, and pay a visit to the distillery which is also a zoo.

Baie des Russes, Nosy KalakajoroBaramahamay River are among the highlights of the Madagascar Sailing Itinerary.

 Our suggested Madagascar sailing Itineraries


 Day 1. Nosy Be – Nosy Tanikely – Mamoko

For the first day of your Madagascar cruise, we recommend sailing from Nosy Be to Nosy Tanikely, home to one of Madagascar’s most magnificent natural parks. The marine park is the perfect location for scuba diving, snorkeling and swimming, all while exploring beautiful coral reefs. Good to note that fishing is prohibited, and there is no diving allowed at night. Next, head to Mamoko. Here you can fish in the waters, or hike under the rainforest. Keep an eye out for giant tortoises, lemurs, and other wildlife on the island. The land is fruitful and you will also see many mango and coconut trees.

 Day 2. Mamoko – Baie des Russes

From Mamoko, you’ll head to Baie de Russes. Relax in the peaceful anchorage, while lapping up the history. It is in this bay that a Russian warship anchored in 1905 during the Russo-Japanese war. While anchored, the boat crew realized that they would rather live the island life than fight in a war. The boat remained in the bay until it eventually sunk. The ship’s remnants can still be seen - making for great diving!

 Day 3. Baie des Russes – Nosy Iranja

On day three, you will sail to Nosy Iranja - home to a hawksbill turtle breeding reserve. Walk the island and see first-hand the turtles laying their eggs or swim in the waters with dolphins, whales and Unicorn fish and Parrotfish! Nosy Iranja is a great place to immerse yourself in nature.

 Day 4. Nosy Iranja – Nosy Kalakajoro

Off to Nosy Kalakajoro! Here you’ll find another preserved natural paradise. Spend the day sunbathing on the deck, or take out a paddleboard or two. Yacht4Less can arrange water sports equipment like kayaks and paddleboards.

At an altitude of 47 meters, Nosy Kalakajoro is the highest island of the Radama islands. Hike the island’s volcanic rock for some nice ocean views, or go ashore and explore the fishing villages that are famous for their hospitality.

 Day 5. Nosy Kalakajoro – Nosy Ovy – Nosy Antanimora

On to Nosy Ovy, another Radama Island. Anchor on the East side of the island, in a protected anchorage. Nosy Ovy is often called “Potato Island” and is home to the Mahabo royal tombs. While you’re ashore you can also walk the beaches, keeping an eye out for shells as Nosy Ovy is renown for the shells that wash up on its shores.

Anchor in Nosy Antanimora overnight, and explore the island’s town where you can try authentic food!

 Day 6. Nosy Antanimora – Baramahamay

On day six you will head to the Baramahamay River for a change of pace. Along the river, you’ll find endless wonders, like white sand beaches and lush greenery. Near the river, there are villages that are home to a number of local craftsmen who specialize in blacksmiths and boat builders. You can also purchase wild honey and fresh fish and crabs. Enjoy a delicious feast to close out your holidays in Madagascar.

 Day 7. Baramahamay – Nosy Be

Return to the base and disembark. Be sure to take some time to explore Nosy.

Be a little adventurous before you head home from sailing Madagascar!


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