Best Sailboats to Choose for Your Next Yacht Charter

Best Sailboats to Choose for Your Next Yacht Charter

Not sure which brand is the right pick for your sailing holiday? We get it—there’s a lot to choose from in the world of monohulls, and knowing which among the most famous sailing bands is the perfect fit for you can be a bit overwhelming. 

In this mini guide, we break down the style and performance of some of the most famous sailing brands, so you can survey the best sailboats for yourself before making your choice. 

Here’s our quick guide on the best sailing yacht brands: 



When it comes to style, it’s tough to beat a Jeanneau monohull. 

Often considered one of the most elegant among the best sailing yacht brands, a Jeanneau should be your pick if you’re in the market for a yacht charter that’s full of luxury and timelessness.

Jeanneau’s architects have a world-class reputation for delivering boats that are top-tier in comfort, sportiness, and luxury—and they’re known for putting the customer’s comfort above all when it comes to prioritizing the build.


Think luxury and comfort is Jeanneau’s main game? While this brand makes some of the best sailboats for elegance, don’t think they’ve misstepped when it comes to performance. 

Jeanneau monohulls perform just as well as cruisers, with performance proving the best in fair weather with light winds. Performance weakens a bit when dealing with strong weather, as sailing upwind is more difficult due to a low ballast to displacement (B/D) ratio, but you’ll still find Jeanneaus among the best sailboats in the world. 

Interest piqued? Check out one of their top models, the Jeanneau 64.



Another top recommendation among the best sailing yacht brands is Beneteau.

Designed with roomy interiors, big, comfortable cabins, and roomier bathrooms, you can count on a smooth yachting experience that won’t leave you and your family and friends fighting for space. And with lots of storage throughout the cabins, you’ll have ample room to bring along all your vacation must-haves (or pick up a few souvenirs along the way!). 

Particularly, if you’re interested in Beneteau yachts, we recommend checking out their Oceanis line, which is known for having a very spacious cockpit and lounge in the back.


A well-known, reputable brand, Beneteau boats have won their fair share of famous international races over the years, counting trophies from Fastnet, Sydney Hobart, and Middle Sea Race, to name a few. 

Made for the family market, Beneteau yachts are a can’t-miss pick for your upcoming sailing holiday. 

Take a look at the famous Oceanis line and more here



Among the best sailing yacht brands, Dufour is one of our recommendations for those looking for a brand that combines high performance with practicality. 

With a keen attention to detail, Dufour models provide pleasure and a feeling of complete serenity throughout your sailing getaway. With a more practical focus, you can be sure to cut through all the extra bells and whistles, so you can focus on what you’re really after: setting sail on the clear blue water. 


Designed for the true sailor, Dufour yachts are for someone who’s looking for more than just casual cruising. With an ergonomic, comfortable design and easy maneuverability, you’re guaranteed dynamic sailing performance when you choose to set sail with Dufour for your yacht charter holiday. 

Take a look at some of our top picks for chartering a Dufour here.



With a more practical approach to sailing, Hanse delivers freedom on the water with yachts that put the focus on ergonomics with a modern and sporty look that suits the experienced sailors and newbies alike.

The new Hanse 460 boasts comfort and agility, combining high levels of innovation with the trademark Hanse values that many sailors have come to view as a classic: fast cruising and easy, sporty sailing. 


A mainstay among the best sailing yacht brands, Hanse delivers extremely comfortable handing and deft maneuverability, so you can set sail with confidence for your upcoming yacht getaway. 

Plus, because Hanse models typically have a bigger B/D ratio, you can even count on slightly better performance in bad weather (especially upwind)—just another advantage of Hanse’s  impressive sailing dynamics. 

If performance is the name of your game and you’re OK with compromising on some elegance and luxury, then Hanse might be the top pick for you. 

Check out more of what they have to offer here.



Like Hanse yachts, Bavaria is one of the best sailing yacht brands that prioritize performance over style—but that doesn’t mean you have to totally forget about stylish details! 

While Bavaria sailboats often feature a more simple design compared to some of the other best sailboats in our guide, you can still count on a high degree of precision and quality. Built with the expertise of German engineering, Bavaria offers some of the best materials, best equipment, and best craftsmanship in creating their famous monohulls.


Usually available for charter at a lower cost than some of the other big-name sailing brands, Bavaria is a surefire way to score top sailing performance for your next sailing getaway. 

And we’re not the only ones who think Bavaria is top-tier when it comes to performance. For example, the Bavaria C38 has been nominated for three international awards for 2022: Best Boards Awards 2022 for U.S. magazines Cruising World and Sail and Voilier de l’Année 2022 for French magazine Voile Magazine.

Book a cruise with the thrice-nominated yacht yourself here at Yacht4Less

When reviewing the best sailboats, it can be hard to make the final pick for your sailing holiday. 

Need some more advice before you’re ready to make a decision? 

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