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Terms & Conditions

Clause 1. General Charter Conditions

  1. Interpretation of the Counterparties

1.a.1 Yacht4Less Ltd. (Yacht4Less hereinafter) means the 'Charter broker/agent' between the Client and the Charter Company.
1.a.2 'Charter Company' means the yacht owner or the yacht management company.
1.a.3 'Client' means the lead charterer, namely the person to whom the confirmation invoice is addressed to.

  1. For Yacht4Less clients, the aforementioned means that the client’s Contract is and should be considered a charter agreement between them and the Charter Company abroad. Yacht4Less signs Charter Agreements with all Charter Companies and hence is entitled to represent their products. Yacht4Less is entitled to draft Contracts and receive payments on behalf of the Charter Companies abroad.

Clause 2. Yacht Representation

  1. The specification and inventories of the boat chartered, are both provided in good faith by Yacht4Less and are exclusively based on the information provided by the Charter Company. Yacht4Less guarantees that the maximum effort will be made to ensure that all information is accurate, but cannot guarantee that the boat will depict the exact details described in the specifications, as the former information is provided by the Charter Company.
  2. Images of boats (if not actual ones) are oriented and intended to give an idea of the yacht available for charter. Yacht4Less represents them in good faith as well, but there might be differences between the yacht shown on the Specifications/Images and the yacht chartered.

Clause 3. Booking Procedure/Confirmation

  1.  A booking is only considered valid when both the signed Contract and deposit payment are sent to Yacht4Less by the Client. We normally expect both the signed Contract and deposit payment to be sent to Yacht4Less within the same day as the booking request, unless agreed otherwise. The Agreement between the client and the Charter Company is officially put into force when the written confirmation/Contract of the booking is sent out/dispatched.
  2. Availability and pricing may change and cannot be guaranteed until the booking is confirmed with the deposit paid and the booking contract signed.

Clause 4. Payment Terms

  1. The initial deposit: (50% of the Charter fee), must be paid to Yacht4Less by return and upon booking confirmation. Our preferred payment method is bank/wire transfers.
    The balance payment: (50% of the Charter fee) is payable 6 weeks prior to the embarkation, and the person signing the contract is responsible and acts on behalf of the rest of the crew/clients in terms of payments. 
    In case of delayed payments, past their due date as indicated in the charter contract, the Charter Company withholds the right to cancel the booking and keep any payments made until then as cancellation fees.
  2. In case of a last-minute booking, where the charter embarkation date is in less than 6 weeks, the full Charter fee is due immediately and payable upon booking confirmation.
  3. Debit/Credit card payments:
    Yacht4less accepts all major Debit and Credit cards. Please kindly note that all payments via credit/debit card will be subject to a 3.0% handling fee. No credit card fees will apply to payments from UK customers.

Clause 5. Booking Amendment

Yacht4Less is committed to making the maximum effort and acting in good faith to meet the client’s updated requirements at no extra cost or administration fee. However, this is strictly subject to the Charter Company’s availability. If no alternatives or addendum is possible, the initial Contract will still stand and the client will have to fulfil his obligations against the charter terms and conditions agreed upon and signed upon booking confirmation.

Clause 6. Prices

Yacht4Less reserves the right to alter the booking price should it be absolutely necessary due to a fluctuation in exchange rates. However, we commit to no changes within 30 days of departure. Only increased costs caused by Government or State action will be applied after this time.

Clause 7. Cancellation Policy

In case of a Cancellation request, the former must be acknowledged to Yacht4Less in writing and received prior to the departure date.
Cancellation fees apply & are payable as follows:

  1. From the booking confirmation date and up to 10 weeks before departure – Deposit only
  2. 10-6 weeks before departure - 75% of the charter price
  3. Under 6 weeks before departure – 100% of the charter fee

It is the Client's responsibility to purchase adequate travel or cancellation insurance to cover themselves and/or their crew against any losses, accidents or cancellations.

Clause 8. Our Company’s Responsibility

  1. Yacht4Less is responsible to ensure that the Contract signed by the client is in accordance with the charter booked. We accept to take responsibility in case the Client suffers any loss, caused due to the negligence of a Yacht4Less team member. However, in case losses are caused by parties not employed by Yacht4Less or by parties that are not under our jurisdiction (i.e. airlines, tour operators, travel agents, base staff on spot or yacht owners), we will not be responsible for any type of loss - including inconvenience - caused by the acts or defaults of the aforementioned independent parties.
  2. Furthermore, in case of a Charter disruption caused by ‘Force Majeure or third parties’ liability, we accept no responsibility and shall not be liable for any of the aforementioned reasons. Indicative cases might be Acts of God like fire, hurricane, earthquake, political unrest and flood or disruptions, loss or damages caused by the actions or defaults of independent parties like non-provision of any flights, trains or ferries, preventing clients from making the most of their charter.

Clause 9. Damages caused by Client/Damage Waiver, Security Deposit

While clients are on board, they are in full charge and hence responsible for the yacht’s equipment. This means they are fully liable for any damage caused to the boat, its equipment or third parties. Any damages caused will be deducted from their Security Deposit, which will have been pre-authorised on their card or will have been paid in cash prior to their embarkation. Clients will be considered responsible for the actions of children or third parties visiting them on board and will, therefore, be invoiced accordingly at the end of the charter for any damages or losses caused, no matter if the former were caused by negligence or not.

Clause 10. Complaints/Claims/Reclamations

  1. In case of a complaint/claim arising during a charter, the Client should first contact the Base Manager or the yacht management company’s office on spot. If an issue is not solved locally, we commit to receiving the Client's claim in writing and passing it to the Charter Company within 30 days from the charter’s end date. The Charterer/Client hereby acknowledges and admits that any dispute or claim arising out of this Contract is between the Client and the Charter Company and clearly not with or against Yacht4Less, which acts as an intermediate.
  2. Charter yachts - in the extremely rare occasion, where you are not provided with the boat booked for unexpected reasons, you will be offered an alternative choice. In case this is of considerably lower standards compared to what was originally reserved, we commit to take practical and realistic steps to make sure that a refund of the charter fee paid is processed or a credit note to be used as a future discount or payment on a potential yacht charter is issued. Under absolutely, no conditions will Yacht4Less be responsible for repaying any funds nor shall be considered liable against the Client, in case the Charter Company is unable to secure any payments.

Clause 11. The company’s reserved rights

Charters are fixed upon the acceptance that all information and documentation provided by the Client with regard to his previous sailing experience is true, accurate, and up to date. Yacht4Less shall not be responsible for any inconvenience, loss or damage caused by the Client’s failure to comply with the aforementioned policy or in case the Client's previous sailing experience and/or documentation (i.e. skipper license) is not accepted by the Charter Company and/or local authorities. The Charter Company is entitled to withdraw, cancel or alter the charter at any time before embarkation, for reasons related to serious damage to yachts or other operational reasons. Yacht4Less shall not be liable for any loss, damages, inconvenience, disruption, delay or failure in performance resulting from any Force 'Majeure' event, including but not limited to hostilities, acts of God, civil strife, fire, adverse weather conditions, action of the elements, epidemics, pandemic, strikes, insurrection, piracy, acts of the public enemy, closure of airports or country borders, sudden amendment of federal or state laws, terrorist activities and any other cause beyond the reasonable control of Yacht4Less which makes the fulfilment of the yacht charter booked impossible. In this eventuality, Yacht4Less will try to give as much notice as possible and refund as much monies as possible, less reasonable expenses. Yacht4Less has the right to make alterations to a booking, but also substitute services or yachts that the client has booked, on behalf of the Charter Company. Any alterations do not enable clients to cancel their charter.

Clause 12. Governing Law

The Yacht4Less booking Terms & Conditions relating to the company's operation are subject to the Laws of England and Wales. 

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