Celebrity Islands: Sail with the Rich & Famous

Celebrity Islands: Sail with the Rich & Famous

Dreaming of jet-setting with the A-listers this summer? While you may not find yourself rubbing elbows with the likes of the Kardashians and the Leonardo DiCaprios of the world, you can feel every bit as posh by booking a vacation to one of the top celebrity islands with your own private yacht—for a fraction of the cost

Ready to sail with the rich and famous? Here are some of our favorite celebrity islands: 



It’s no secret that Mykonos is one of if not the must-travel hotspot for celebs. From Brigitte Bardot and Grace Kelly to Kendall Jenner and Ariana Grande, this dazzling Greek island has been attracting Hollywood’s stars for years—and for good reason. At Mykonos, you can soak up the sun and the vibrant party atmosphere with a downtown that’s renowned for its bars, dance clubs, and nightlife.

Think partying like an A-lister is out of reach? Booking your own private yacht charter in Mykonos is more manageable than you might think. You can reserve your very own catamaran with world-class amenities, so you and your friends can cruise through the Cyclades feeling like celebrities who own islands. 



Sailing holidays in Santorini, Cyclades Islands, Greece

Maybe you’ve heard of Mykonos’ famous party style… And it’s not really your thing. You’re not alone! Angelina Jolie and Heidi Klum are among just a few high-profile celebrities who prefer Santorini’s quieter, more laid-back atmosphere. 

Unlike Mykonos, which offers those famous stretches of megawatt-white, sandy beaches that attract the world’s most famous party-goers, Santorini is a volcanic island. When you charter a private yacht to the island, you’ll get to explore the famous Red beach and the black-sand Perissa Beach—just as stunning, but more serene and low-profile than the flashy Mykonos party scene. 

Can’t make up your mind which celebrity Greek island is your style? Don’t compromise. With your own Cyclades boat rental, you can create a unique itinerary for sailing the small Cyclades or explore more mainstream island destinations like Santorini or Mykonos.

Feeling already like a celebrity?

Chat with one of our consultants to get the scoop on booking your yacht charter for celebrity islands. 



Everyone wants to party like Beyoncé—and if you charter a private yacht in Corsica, you can! 

Corsica is the fourth largest island in the Mediterranean, and one that’s ripe with stunning views from sea caves to hiking trails, and, of course, crystal-clear blue coastline. When you book a private yacht charter in Corsica, you can feel like a first-class celebrity on a private island, whether you set up camp at The Cove of Roccapina, Girolata Bay, or some of the other top-recommended anchorages for your Corsica sailing itinerary. 

Plus, Beyoncé’s not the only celebrity who likes to vacation here in the south of France. Chrissy Teigen, John Legend, and Keira Knightley have also been known to frequent this French hotspot—and you can join the list of this year’s travelers. 



With 365 beaches, Antigua has plenty of space to attract the world’s hottest stars. From Justin Bieber to Hilary Swank, this Caribbean island is no stranger to celebrity—and it can be your go-to vacation destination, too. 

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Most private yacht charters in Antigua start from the Jolly Harbour Marina. From there, we recommend traveling to Dickenson Bay, where you can easily head ashore to explore the downtown scene with unique shops and restaurants. 

Imagine waking up aboard your own private catamaran in Antigua, where you can take in the sunrise with your coffee before spending the day soaking in the sun from the island’s sparkling, white beaches.

(Who knows. Maybe you’ll even catch a celebrity sighting?) 


St. Lucia

Oprah has called St. Lucia one of the top five places to see in a lifetime—and if it’s good enough for Oprah, then it must be a sight worth seeing! 

A fan-favorite among Hollywood’s celebs, St. Lucia is known for its unique hidden beaches and anchorages, where you can dive into nature by exploring waterfalls, rainforests, and coral reefs. 

When you book a private yacht charter in St. Lucia, you can go bareboat style, where you’ll act as captain and passenger, or go for full luxury like the many celebrities who frequent the island. With a full crew aboard your yacht, you can sit back and relax like an A-lister while your skipper, hostess, or cook set the scene for your dream island vacation. 

Can’t wait to get aboard? Check out our recommendations for your St. Lucia sailing holidays itinerary


Amalfi Coast

What do Kate Hudson, Katherine McPhee, and Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith all have in common? Every one of these famed personnages have enjoyed a little time away on the Amalfi Coast. 

From Capri to Positano, this magical coast in Italy is a favorite island destination of the rich and famous—but they’re not the only ones who can enjoy a little sun and sand on their own private yachts. When you book an Amalfi Coast yacht charter this summer, you can see firsthand why this beautiful destination is recognized as a historical UNESCO heritage site—and why it’s a go-to retreat for the stars. 

On your private yacht charter—whether you set sail by catamaran or sailboat—you’ll jump from hidden bays to small-town ports, where you can sip on famous Limoncello, explore the sights, or simply take in the coastline from your very own crewed yacht. 

A sailing island retreat is a favorite vacation among Hollywood’s elite—but you don’t have to be among the rich and famous to sail like one of them! From the Cyclades to the Caribbean to the south of France, you can enjoy the luxurious feel of celebrity islands without paying those superstar price tags. 

Discover which of these celebrity islands is the hotspot for you this summer, and get a free quote from our team.


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