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The corporate sailing guide: How to impress your employees or clients

The corporate sailing guide: How to impress your employees or clients

Connect and cruise with a Yacht4Less corporate sailing package

 What is corporate sailing?

In its most fundamental definition, corporate sailing is a professional outing where you charter a yacht for business. However, while this idea is simple, it is certainly not basic. There are so many different ways to make corporate sailing work for you!

 Corporate sailing for company employees

Internal team events are an awesome option with corporate sailing. There is nothing more bonding than working together towards a common goal - and that is what sailing is all about! Using communication, your team will learn to navigate both ocean waters and business challenges together.  

Want to throw a bit of a curveball? Make the event-of-the-day a sailing regatta or mini flotilla - just charter 2 or 3 yachts together and split up your team in groups. Your team will get to know each other in a smaller group setting, before reconvening as a big group in the evenings at each itinerary stop or at the end of the race to celebrate regatta winners. A little bit of friendly competition makes for a super fun activity that sailors of all levels can enjoy!

Plan a company retreat to some exotic locale for the executive team where your team can meditate, relax and work together. Or plan a week-long onboarding session for new hires aboard a sailboat. Sailing is a great activity to develop and draw out your team’s leadership traits, and will quickly introduce new members of the team to your company culture!  

Keep in mind that the length of your charter will depend on the size of your group and the time of year. With smaller groups, especially during the high season (for example, the Mediterranean in the summer, or the Caribbean in the winter), the minimum duration for corporate sailing event yacht charters will be 5-7 days.

 Corporate sailing for clients

Corporate sailing is one of the best ways to woo your customers. You can organise a client event on a charter boat for the evening and whisk them around for a night of networking and entertaining! Such an amazing adventure will be sure to impress them and help establish your customer relationships. Have a big client meeting? Host it aboard a chartered crewed, luxury catamaran and then, once business is done - let them relax and enjoy the ride. It’ll provide an interesting backdrop, to help you close that big business deal!

 Is corporate sailing right for you?

A company that would benefit from a sailing event is one that:

  • Wants to differentiate themselves with customers

  • Invests in employee training and development

  • Values team building and leadership skills

Have these sailing event ideas excited and inspired you? If yes, corporate sailing could be the right fit for your company culture.

Normally, corporate sailing group sizes are around 4 to 10 people, but Yacht4Less can accommodate groups of all sizes. Your charter can include yacht crew staff to take care of the sailing and hosting operations and logistics, so you can focus on the business side. However, there’s no set way a corporate sailing event has to be, you can totally make it your own!

No matter what vibe you’d like your event to be, there’s a yacht for you. :) If you’re looking for a comfortable catamaran, we recommend the Lagoon 450F or 620. The Lagoon 450F, with 3 or 4 cabins, is a perfect combination of luxury and power. In search of a bigger boat? The Lagoon 620 will be perfect as it has 4, 5, or 6 cabin options. The Lagoon 620 is said to be the hybrid of a “luxurious houseboat” but with “excellent performance, both under sail and engine power”.

If you want to turn-up the wow factor, charter an all-inclusive superyacht or a traditional design gulet. These options are great for larger groups, as superyachts will have around 6 cabins and gulets can have up to 30 cabins onboard. These options will create an opulent, exclusive feel for a once-in-a-lifetime event!

 Corporate sailing with Yacht4Less

When you’re planning a big professional event, every detail is important. While trying to plan a corporate sailing event may seem even more daunting, not to fear - this is where Yacht4Less comes in. Charter consultants can help you organise your sailing event down to the very last task.

Let your consultant know what you have in mind and Yacht4Less can coordinate it all. Things like provisioning, itineraries, staffing, and travel arrangements are all things of which our agents have specialised industry knowledge.

Choosing to go with a yacht charter broker ensures that your event goes off without a hitch, and Yacht4Less is the best firm for the job. In addition to deep expertise in sailing, Yacht4Less is a top charter brokerage and can be trusted to deliver the highest value possible. You can count on us to provide the best possible package for your charter!

Looking to get started planning your corporate sailing function? Begin by exploring our available destinations today. Send an enquiry and connect with a charter consultant to discuss all your event needs!

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