Luxury fully-crewed holidays explained

Luxury fully-crewed holidays explained

Fully-crewed yacht charter - the pinnacle of luxury sailing

Sail away in pure relaxation with a fully-crewed yacht charter.

When considering a yacht charter, it’s essential to think about what kind of holiday you’re looking for. Different types of charters will offer completely different experiences and here at Yacht4Less, we want to help you create the holiday of your dreams. We recommend a fully-crewed yacht holiday if you're looking for luxury, where each yacht comes with its own permanent crew.

With a crewed yacht charter, you will enjoy the ultimate level of indulgence.

As fully-crewed charters are an "all-inclusive” package, you will not have to lift a finger during your sailing holiday; a private chef, skipper, and host/stewardess will be at your beck and call!

Clients choosing this charter type should expect to experience a truly unique and unforgettable fullycrewed yacht holiday - with all the amenities of a five-star resort, but with all the excitement and fun of a bareboat charter

Whatever crew you have, you can be sure they are very familiar with the yacht and location, as well as with working with each other to create the perfect guest experience.


What can you expect from a fully-crewed yacht holiday?

When booking crewed yacht charters, you will find a number of sailing crew combinations. Most yachts’ sailing crew will include a skipper and chef, but depending on your wants and needs, Yacht4Less can source yachts with any number of crew pairings. 

The crew roles

With a captain, a chef and a stewardess, you will be well taken care of for the duration of your trip. Here, we’ll outline each member’s specific responsibilities.

1. Captain:

Your captain will be your guide for your charter adventure! The captain will be in charge of the more serious aspects of sailing, such as the safety and technical operations of the boat.

He will plan out your route (based on your preferences) and take care of things like finding moorings - or you can take a more hands-on approach to sailing. The captain will also lead and direct the rest of the crew for seamless day-to-day operations.

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2. Chef:

If you choose a fully-crewed charter, you will have the luxury of not cooking at all for the duration of your trip.

You’ll enjoy delicious, gourmet food every day, and be able to relax and bask in your surroundings instead of spending time in the kitchen. Sounds too good to be true, but that’s the beauty of booking a fully-crewed yacht charter.

The chef will be responsible for all kitchen tasks, from sourcing provisions to cooking and serving meals, as well as cleaning up the kitchen area.

When selecting a chef, consult with your personal Yacht4Less charter consultant to discuss any dietary and allergy needs that should be noted. You can also request special dishes and menu items to tailor the meals exactly as you wish.

Yacht4Less Fully Crewed Yachting Hostess Chef
Indulge in gourmet dishes and exquisite drinks.

3. Hostess:

A hostess is going to ensure that the yacht’s interior is kept in tip-top shape during your charter. They’ll do general housework and assist the chef and /or skipper when needed, but their primary task is to cater to all your needs, with an exceptional level of service.

The hostess (when not paired with a chef), will also take care of the provisioning of the boat and cooking and serving simple meals and drinks.

Yacht models for fully-crewed yacht charter holidays

When considering a luxury crewed yacht charter, the type of boat you choose is extra important. Crew members will need their own cabins and head, separate from guest accommodations. In order to select a big enough model, you will need to know the exact number of people in your party, and the number of crew you’d like to hire. Your personal Yacht4Less charter consultant will be a great resource during the yacht selection process. They can show you the yacht models that will best fit your accommodation needs.

luxury yachts yacht4less
Choose from a wide selection of luxury yachts & catamarans available for charter worldwide.

Catamarans, 50ft and up, are great boats for crewed yacht charters because of the abundance of space below deck. Yacht4Less often recommends the Lagoon 51, 52F, 620, 77, or the Bali 5.4, to our clients.

While there are many options for crewed yacht charters, one of our all-time favourites is the Lagoon 620. It’s a 62 ft catamaran with five double guest cabins, so you’ll enjoy speed, comfort, and elegance. With a beautiful living space, cabin arrangements to accommodate up to ten guests and three crew, the Lagoon 620 can meet all your needs. This model is extremely versatile and is great for cruising, water sports, or lounging with friends and family.

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Where to sail with your crew?

Fully-crewed yacht charters are available all around the globe. When it comes time to select a destination - the world is your oyster!

Discuss with your personal charter consultant to determine which sailing charter itinerary will meet your wishes. If you have a region in mind, we can suggest specific locations, or if you have an itinerary in mind we can begin searching for the right yacht for you. Yacht4Less has many sample sailing itineraries for places like Greece, Croatia, Spain, Italy, the British Virgin Islands, the Bahamas, Thailand, and French Polynesia.

yacht4less luxury destinations
Explore breathtaking destinations.

Tip: If you’re interested in a luxury crewed charter in Greece, take a look at the incredible Lagoon 620 "Valium 62" available for a luxury sailing holiday from Athens.

One of the coolest things about crewed yacht charters is the increased access to different locations and itinerary stops. Anchorages and bays that you wouldn’t be able to visit on a bareboat charter, will be accessible with the crew’s expertise.

Your crew will also have specialised knowledge of the location, due to years of experience sailing in the area. Let your captain take you to more remote and untouched coves, off the beaten path, or suggest local and unpretentious restaurants, free from swarms of tourists.

A day in the life

So what does a typical day aboard a fully-crewed yacht charter look like? Well, it can really be whatever you make it - and that’s the best part! Yacht4Less recommends fully-crewed yachts so you can savour every moment of your holiday. Soak it all in, and really make the most of your time away.

Many of our clients enjoy starting the day off right - waking up in a new anchorage every morning, with a scrumptious breakfast already prepared for them by their chef.

luxury yachting breakfast yacht4less
The true meaning of "breakfast with a view"!

Then you might enjoy a lazy and leisurely start to the day, lounging on the deck or stretching out beneath the sun. Once the day picks up, it might be time for some water activities such as water skis, or wakeboarding. Your crew will set everything up for you, so you can just have a good time! When the fun is over, you’ll find a filling lunch waiting.

Interested in going ashore? The crew can take you to land with the private tender, so you can explore interesting locales. Your options are endless; walk along the beach, wander through cities, towns, and villages, bike or hike through nature - whatever your heart desires.

Close out the day with an opulent meal in another splendid location, only accessible by yacht. Your captain will know all the best spots. Have dinner while floating in a stunning cove, or make dinner plans ashore.

What you should keep in mind when booking a fully-crewed yacht charter holiday

When choosing fully-crewed charters, you must take into account the additional cabin space needed for the crew, as well as the larger provision budget because crew meals will need to be provided.

This is often included in the “Advanced Provisioning Allowance” (APA) which is added on top of the charter fee.

The APA, which is around 20% of the charter fee, is used to cover expenses incurred during the course of the charter such as fuel, food, beverages, mooring fees, visa fees, harbour fees, park fees, taxes, and other expenses not included in the Charter Fee.

It is paid upfront, but at the end of your charter, the crew will provide you with receipts and invoices of all that they have spent and return any unspent amount to you.

Fully-crewed yacht charters are available in worldwide sailing destinations.

Already know where you want to sail? Browse luxury yacht deals.

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