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How to "Yacht for Less"

How to "Yacht for Less"

Planning a Sailing Holiday?

For most people, a private yacht charter would be the perfect holiday and many daydream about sailing off into the sunset. However, a sailing holiday is not as elusive as it may seem. Here at Yacht4Less, we aim to make luxury sailing a reality, while still delivering top value for your money. Use our Sailing Holiday Guide to plan your next adventure!

  Where do you begin?

If you are new to the yacht charter scene, it’s best to book your holiday with a yacht charter broker. These are professionals that have all the expertise and industry knowledge to help you find the right boat, location, and deal. While there are a number of brokers to choose from, it is important to find a team that has extensive experience. Yacht brokers should be knowledgeable, thoughtful and deliver great value for the price. They will work with you to discuss your needs, wants, and budget and then provide you with a carefully selected list of options to choose from. They can offer advice when selecting boats, charter destinations, following safety regulations, and so much more. Think of them as your personal yacht charter concierge!

Even if you have gone on a sailing holiday before, a yacht charter broker will alleviate so much stress. It is their job to visit hundreds of charter yachts, learn about the industry, and consult with clients to match them with the right boat. Also, they build relationships with the charter companies and can often get you the most competitive pricing! They do the work, so you don’t have to.

   What kind of charter?

The next question you need to ask yourself is: what kind of charter do you want? Luckily, there is a plethora of options for you to choose from, each with their own unique offering.

For the first time sailor, we recommend a crewed yacht charter. This ensures that your sailing holiday will not stray off course. With this type of charter, you’ve got professional crew onboard, there to take care of the operational aspects of your holiday. There are varying degrees of the crewed charter to fit every preference.

A permanently-crewed boat charter comes with its own crew, usually a skipper, deckhand, and hostess. These are often available with larger boats. Another option is hiring a freelance crew. For this type of charter, you can pick and choose the staff you want for your holiday. They are still qualified professionals, they just are not contracted to any one boat. Many choose to just hire a skipper to help them navigate and take the helm when needed.

For more experienced sailors, you can try a bareboat charter. This will enable maximum freedom and flexibility for your sailing holiday. These charters come with no crew, which means you will need to hold the required licenses and will be fully responsible for operating the boat.

  Where do you go for your sailing holiday?

Now for the most important question - where should you go? The answer to this depends entirely on your personality. Many sailing destinations have their own unique vibes and offer a different ambiance.

For a classic sailing holiday, we recommend the Mediterranean. Places like Greece, with plenty of quaint islands for easy day trips, and varying wind levels for beginners and experts alike, make for the perfect sailing holiday.

You could also sail up the Adriatic Sea and travel Croatia. A Mediterranean hotspot in recent years, Croatia offers charming towns and beautiful sceneries that are sure to make your sailing holiday unforgettable.

Also great for sailing in the Mediterranean, are the Balearic Islands. Split your time between Ibiza, Mallorca, and Menorca, or you can explore the southern coast of Spain.

If you’re looking for something more tropical, the Caribbean is always a good choice. With a great climate, almost year round, the Caribbean offers many activities and many amenities. There is an abundance of restaurants, and beach bars where you can relax and indulge, but also plenty of nature and wilderness for you to hike and explore. The Caribbean offers something for everyone!

If you’re looking to get a little wilder, try exploring the South Pacific. There is excellent sailing in French Polynesia and Australia. While these holidays are often longer to get to and take longer to do, they will certainly fulfill your wanderlust.

Check with your yacht broker to see what destinations match your needs and what will be available in your price range. Yacht4Less offers yacht charters around the world, explore our destinations now.

 What to expect for your first day?

So you’ve booked your yacht charter, now what? When you arrive at the base, you will need to check in and get processed onto the boat. It’s best to inform your charter broker of your flight details and estimated arrival time so that they know when to expect you at the base which will speed up the check-in procedure.

Before setting sail, you will need to stock the boat with things like food, paper goods, trash bags, sunscreen, and drinks. Be sure to plan out your meals in advance so that you bring all the necessary ingredients. The boat will have a fully stocked kitchen, so there’s no need to bring dishes or pans. If you would prefer not to grocery shop the day you depart, you can also hire a provisioning company so that you can arrive to a fully-loaded yacht. Yacht4Less would be happy to assist you in organizing provisioning, as well as services like airport transfers, internet (wifi), water sports equipment (paddleboards or kayak) and whatever else you may need.

Once the charter company is ready for you, you will have a Skipper’s Briefing. This is an introduction to your charter boat and often includes a navigational overview, as well as any touristic points of interest. You will have to go over the weather forecast to determine your itinerary and set your course.

This briefing is your opportunity to get acquainted with the vessel before embarking. The same way you would inspect a rental car, we recommend surveying the exterior and interior of the boat.

When you’re ready to set sail, you can ask your charter company to help you pilot the boat into open water. This will help jump-start your holiday with ease!

Now you’re well on your way to the sailing holiday of your dreams. It’s time to relax and enjoy the adventure! At Yacht4Less, we’re here to help you get started, please fill out our enquiry form or contact us today at info@yacht4less.com


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