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Lagoon vs Bali catamarans

Lagoon vs Bali catamarans

Heard of both brands, but wish you knew more about them? With Lagoon and Bali present on the market as two of the most renowned catamaran brands, we invite you to read the comparative review of Lagoon and Bali catamarans below.

Bali catamarans: Overview

When we say Bali, we do not mean the beautiful island everyone knows about in Indonesia. Even the pronunciation is different. Put an accent on the ‘i’ and make it longer. When you read it out loud, you will hear that you are not talking about the island. Now that we got this cleared up, let’s get down to business. 

Bali Catamarans are a part of the Catana Group and have been on the market for less than 10 years. In 2014 the first models of cruising catamarans were presented and have been accepted exceptionally well in a short period of time.


One of the first things you will notice when seeing a Bali catamaran is its elegant, beautiful and sleek design. Bali catamarans are one of the most beautifully designed catamarans, with innovative design solutions. Bali catamarans have sharper edges compared to Lagoon catamarans. They really do leave you breathless.

Another thing is the solid foredeck. There is no trampoline which you might see on other catamarans. A solid foredeck provides more space for entertainment on cushions and large sunbeds. Many experienced sailors say that the solid construction makes the Bali catamarans stronger compared to others without the solid foredeck, even though it does not significantly add to the overall weight.

Loving the outdoor/indoor feel? Bali catamarans offer you exactly this! One of its main features which separate them from others is the main deck saloon. For example, on the Bali 4.3 you can easily open up your closed saloon with the garage door (tilting swing door). If there is too much wind or bad weather is just around the corner, easily close the saloon to create a closed indoor lounge in just a few seconds.


If you do not like the ‘feels like a hotel’ boat and the open space main deck, then Bali catamarans might not be the boats for you. There is hardly any outdoor ‘privacy’ as everything is really well connected and open and everyone is constantly together unless you pick some of the bigger models like the Bali 4.8 or Bali 5.4.

If you have kids and want to give them additional entertainment such as a trampoline, the trampoline foredeck is missing on a Bali catamaran. You will never find the nets on any Bali catamaran model so this might make your choice easier.

Going into more technical details and compared to other catamarans, the booms are slightly higher which can occasionally cause problems to skippers if the mainsail needs to be manually handled. Cabins are not so high compared to Lagoon models so, for taller guests, this could be a slight issue. 

Luxury Bali Catamaran models 

Bali has several models ranging from 11.8m such as the Bali 4.0, all the way to Bali 5.4 which is 16.2m long. The larger charter models are growing into true luxury catamarans. Even with the tiniest details, Bali catamarans are doing their best to bring the luxury feel even closer to you.

If you have decided that it is finally time to experience something ‘wow’, Yacht4Less recommends the luxury models such as the Bali 5.4. Bali 5.4 is available with 4, 5 or 6 cabins for up to 10-14 people. Find the perfect 5 cabin Bali 5.4 in Croatia

Bali 5.4 not only offers you a stunningly comfortable catamaran with a lot of space for relaxation, an enormous flybridge large enough for a home-made cinema area, and a newly designed forward cockpit entertainment area which can be accessed from the galley directly, but you can also access the aft cabins directly from the aft deck. If you are an early bird, this is the perfect boat as you will not wake up others on board.

Lagoon Catamarans: Overview

When someone says the word catamaran, people will first think of a Lagoon, no doubt about it. Lagoon is the most known catamaran brand as they are the world leader in producing cruising catamarans. Being a part of the Beneteau Group, they have evolved and worked on making top-of-the-line catamarans for charters since 1984, which is almost 40 years now.


The interior and cabins are very spacious and high, which is very convenient for taller guests. Cabins have plenty of storage for everyone’s belongings so don’t worry about bringing too many summer dresses. You can enjoy the panoramic views from the galley and indoor seating area. The windows stretch from one side to the other, giving full 360’ views when indoors.

Exterior: the famous trampoline! The best way to recognize a Lagoon is by two trampoline nets up front. You can suntan, chill and read while enjoying the sound and breeze of the sea below you. There is no better feeling! On top of that, there is plenty of outside space for entertaining. Even if you do not want to dine all together every time, kids can be at one table, adults at another. The feel of the terrace-on-water is unique to the Lagoon as everything is very open.

Something to keep in mind is that Lagoons have been around for a very long time so they have also been tested and reviewed by many sailors, making the Lagoon catamarans a ‘safe’ choice compared to others.


Even though the Lagoon catamarans are very spacious and big, when compared to other catamaran brands, they are the bulkiest of all. This, of course, will not affect your holiday in any way, however, they are not the most luxurious-looking models out there - alghough, this is subjective -. As the Lagoons are very heavy, they are also not the best in performance if you're looking for an active sailing trip.  

In comparison to other catamaran models, Lagoons usually have smaller water tanks. We advise that you check the size of water tanks and ask your Yacht4Less charter consultant to source one equipped with a watermaker if you are sailing with a lot of people, especially when chartering in the Caribbean or Exotics where there are fewer available stops to re-fill. 

As Lagoon is a well-astonished brand, the prices of Lagoon catamarans might be higher in comparison to other brands with the same features and cabin numbers. Don't forget to check in with your Yacht4Less yacht charter consultant for the market's best rates on the dates and boat you prefer.

Luxury Lagoon Catamaran models 

Expanding its portfolio of catamaran models, Lagoon has introduced several luxurious models in the past years. The Seventy7 and Sixty5 catamarans are some of the most luxurious sailing yachts. Due to their size, these catamarans are usually only offered on a crewed basis. If these are slightly out of your budget, Yacht4Less recommends the Lagoon 52F and the brand new Lagoon 51.

The Lagoon 52F is one of the most accepted models yet as it is the result of customer feedback and suggestions which have been collected over the years. There is no other catamaran which has applied so much constructive feedback. Architects remained true to the Lagoon key features while making every other change for the better!

Due to this and the upgrade in materials and style, the Lagoon 52F is a model you should not ignore. The Lagoon 52 review has already been published in detail. The difference now is that the flybridge has been added. Not only can the helm be reached from two sides (from the cockpit and the starboard side), the flybridge adds another wonderful entertaining area. 

If you are one of those people who always look at the new models of things in life, the Lagoon 51 should be on your radar. This new model became available in the summer of 2022, so you might be one of the first to experience it. 

Its best and hottest feature is the large flybridge where the skipper and the guests can be together at all times. The flybridge has 2 large sun pads and a C-shaped seating area with the helm station in the centre. Even the central table can be lowered into a huge sunbathing area. Isn’t that cool for a flybridge?

The indoor saloon has been lifted, making the panoramic views even better. The transoms are extended making it easy to get on board from the dock, and also giving you an additional platform to stay closer to the water when anchored. 

Final thoughts: Which is better?

Bali catamarans could be your choice if you enjoy quality sailing in addition to a relaxing holiday, as they are lighter, faster and more manoeuvrable. They offer unique indoor/outdoor living space and that extra luxurious feel.

It might sound crazy but if one of the most important things to you about a catamaran is the trampoline up front, then Lagoon is the answer. Kids love this feature. It offers a truly unique experience while sailing and anchored.  

Both brands are great for a relaxing holiday and have won many awards, so whichever you choose, you will not have any regrets. We could not tell you which is better as there honestly is no correct answer.

FAQ section

Are Bali or Lagoon catamarans good quality?

Yes. Both brands are well known and have won many awards for their performances and quality. They use the most advanced materials and technology, listen to customer feedback and the shipyards constantly improve their catamarans with each new model. 

Where are Bali or Lagoon catamarans made?

Bali catamarans and Lagoon catamarans are both manufactured in France. Bali’s shipyard is at the Catana Yard on the South coast, just next to Perpignan. Lagoon catamarans are built on the West coast of France, in Bordeaux. 

Does Bali or Lagoon make a power catamaran?

Bali and Lagoon both make power catamarans. Lagoon has the newest Sixty7 and Seventy7 power catamarans to show. There are also other models such as the Lagoon Power 43, Lagoon Power 44, and Lagoon Power 40. Bali’s power catamarans are the Bali 4.3 MY and the Bali Catspace MY.

Are Bali or Lagoon catamarans more spacious?

When comparing similarly sized models, Lagoon catamarans are more spacious than Bali catamarans. Lagoon Catamarans are great for large groups of people, as both the exterior and interior have a lot of space.

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