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Mallorca sailing: a guide to turquoise anchorages

Mallorca sailing: a guide to turquoise anchorages

Itching for a summertime getaway? Thinking of having your next sailing holidays in Spain? There’s no view in the world like gazing out from your own yacht charter to the turquoise waters of Mallorca. 

These turquoise anchorages are must-have destinations for your Mallorca sailing holiday with natural parks, crystal clear waters, and warm, sandy beaches. Which anchorages should make the top of your list? We’re rounding up our five favorites, plus tips for preparing for your own Mallorca sailing getaway.

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A fan-favourite when it comes to turquoise-water views, Cabrera is a tiny island off the coast of Mallorca—in fact, if you want to include this sunny spot in your Mallorca sailing itinerary, make sure you plan ahead. 

With its preserved wildlife and beautiful flora, Cabrera is a nature reserve with national park status, which means access is restricted. In order to use the mooring, you’ll need a permit from the national park office, Instituto Nacional para la Conservación de la Naturaleza (ICONA). (Note that it’s recommended to secure this permit three to twenty days in advance of your trip.) The ICONA only permits 50 yachts in the mooring at once, so make sure you book in advance to secure your place! 

Cabrera’s harbour entrance is a bit hidden from far away, but once your yacht comes up on the natural bay, you’re in for smooth sailing. Entering the harbour is possible in almost any wind condition, though you may experience some difficulties if the wind is blowing strongly from the north. 

Only an hour sailing from Mallorca, Cabrera is by far one of our favourite destinations for Mallorca sailing holidays. 


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Image by lapping from Pixabay 

Isla Dragonera

Next up is Isla Dragonera, which also boasts status as a natural park. 

Close to the west coast of Mallorca, this tiny island is peppered with several islets and shallow patches. Sound a little intimidating? Don’t worry, the clear waters make these easily avoidable and keep most navigational challenges at bay. Still, you’ll want to keep an eye out for strong winds, as currents can become strong and choppy under those conditions. 

For this reason, Isla Dragonera is often better suited as a day trip on your Mallorca sailing itinerary instead of an overnight stay. While the island does offer several anchorages, many travellers choose to anchor in the neighbouring San Telmo bay and hop over to Isla Dragonera for a day of sightseeing. 

Platja des Trencs

Located off the south shore of Mallorca, Platja des Trencs has breathtaking views that are picture-perfect for Mallorca sailing trips. Plus, this destination is an ideal choice for both beginners and avid voyagers. 

Protected from both northern and eastern winds, Platja des Trencs sets you up for easy anchoring in its shallow waters. While there are a couple of seaweed patches to watch out for, the clear waters mean you can deftly avoid these without much trouble. 

While prepping your Mallorca sailing holiday, bear in mind that Platja des Trencs is on the wishlist for a lot of other travellers who are also building their Mallorca sailing itinerary—in other words, it’s not necessarily a remote destination if seclusion is what you’re looking for. But, while the beaches can get crowded during the high season, the anchorage is still vast enough that you’ll never feel too squished among the other boats. 

Potential crowds aside, the white sand, turquoise waters, and stunning coastline make Patja des Trencs someplace you don’t want to miss on your Mallorca sailing holiday.

Cala Moltó

For Mallorca sailing holidays, another top recommendation is Cala Moltó. What makes this cove such a winning combination of paradise-like scenery and ideal sailing conditions? First, Cala Moltó sits on the southeastern part of the island, so it offers good protection from western winds. Also, its waters are clear and relatively shallow (running 4-5 meters deep at the most shallow points), which makes for easy anchoring. And once you’re settled in the anchorage, the views of the rocky coastline are the perfect backdrop to your Mallorca holiday.

Thinking about adding Cala Moltó to your Mallorca sailing itinerary? You’re not the only one! So make sure you don’t let this sweet spot slip through your fingers. With space that’s a little more limited than other turquoise anchorages, you’ll want to make sure you arrive early to secure your spot. 

Cala de Santa Ponça

Our final favourite turquoise anchorage in Mallorca? Cala de Santa Ponça. 

Just west of Mallorca, this cove is picture-perfect heaven for sailors. For one, you can be sure to anchor here safely. While the anchorage is very large and, therefore, sometimes a little rough, the shallow waters (5 meters deep) will give you confidence that you can anchor your yacht securely for an overnight stay. Moreover, Cala de Santa Ponça can offer strong protection from the wind.

Another reason Cala de Santa Ponça is a favourite among travellers? Its serene coastline offers plenty of amenities to fill up your Mallorca sailing itinerary. Right near the coastal cities Costa de la Calma, Rottes Velles, and Santa Ponça, you can check out restaurants and other tourist attractions—all alongside the sweet view of the one-of-a-kind turquoise waters. 

Summer is almost upon us—and that means it’s time to start planning your next sailing getaway. For many voyagers, a Mallorca sailing holiday is a favourite, and we agree! 

Need help whittling down your itinerary and deciding which destinations and yacht is right for you? Just reach out to Yacht4less to discuss your Mallorca sailing trip and to get a free quote.


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