Sailing Around Corsica: 7 Hidden Gem Islands in Sardinia

Sailing Around Corsica: 7 Hidden Gem Islands in Sardinia

La Maddalena archipelago, a piece of the Caribbean in Sardinia, is a must-see if you’re sailing around Corsica on your next holiday getaway. 

Just off Sardinia’s northeastern coast, La Maddalena archipelago is set between Corsica and Sardinia in the beautiful Strait of Bonifacio. Recognized as a national park, the archipelago’s collection of seven main islands are a treasure trove of nature’s hidden wonders that attract sea voyagers year in and year out. 

For Corsica sailing holidays, what can you find amidst these rugged islands? 

When you’re prepping for your Corsica sailing yacht charter, here are the 7 hidden gem islands in Sardinia to add to your list:

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1. La Maddalena

La Maddalena, Italy | Jürgen Scheeff ©

The largest island in the archipelago, La Maddalena island is a can’t-miss stop for all Corsica sailing holidays. 

While many of the islands in Sardinia are uninhabited, La Maddalena is one stop on your Corsica sailing yacht charter where you can enjoy fine dining and nature’s bounty all in one go. 

You can start the day by exploring the island’s many beaches. Traveling with friends and family? Don’t worry—you’ve got your pick of beaches to satisfy any holiday-goer’s palette. For a secluded morning retreat, head to Cala dei Francesci. In the afternoon, you can take in the sights at the more popular Spiaggia di Tegge. And before the end of the day, don’t forget to take a look at Capoccia du Purpu. Also known as Octopus Head Beach, this beach is known for its peculiar rock formation—and it’s one you definitely don’t want to miss. 

Then in the evenings, enjoy a stroll through town with visits to the island's swanky boutiques and restaurants for an island dinner that can’t be beat.

2. Caprera

Feeling adventurous? It’s easy to visit La Maddalena and Caprera all in one day with just a quick jaunt on your yacht.

Caprera is the second largest archipelago in La Maddalena archipelago, and, compared to La Maddalena, Caprera is definitely the more rugged of the two. If you’re craving a more scaled back island experience, this less-populated island has the goods. 

With most of its coastline inaccessible by car, Caprera has a host of interesting sights for the curious voyager to explore. There’s even a wild goat population roaming the island to join you in your adventures! 

Traveling with any hikers on your sailing holiday? Make sure you leave room in the day for a little hiking, as Caprera’s white beaches and crystal-clear waters make for the perfect backdrop for a day of hiking adventures. 

3. Budeli

Just 1.6 square km, Budeli is a true hidden gem among the islands of Sardinia. Plus, talk about hidden—the island is actually 100 percent off-limits to visitors! 

As an island with protected status, all construction is banned from the island, which means any would-be visitors can only take in Budeli’s sights from their private yacht charter. While this might make it seem like something you can skip, we definitely don’t recommend crossing Budeli off your Corsica sailing yacht charter itinerary. 

Budeli’s lack of visitors is what leaves it in completely unspoiled beauty—which is one sight that’s definitely worth your time. In particular, you don’t want to miss Spiaggia Rosa, the famous pink-sand beach that keeps visitors sailing by to admire its beauty from their boats. 

4. Santa Maria

Another top recommendation for a visit when you’re sailing around Corsica? Santa Maria. 

With 10 km of coastline, Santa Maria is ripe for adventures for sailing explorers. First, take a visit to Cala de Santa Maria, one of the island’s largest white-sand beaches, where you can soak up the sun without huge hordes of tourists blocking your rays. 

A large assortment of hiking trails can lead you to explore the many secret wonders of the island, while its crystalline waters set the perfect scene for fishing, diving, and snorkeling. 

There’s even ruins of an old monastery from the Middle Ages on the island, making it a one-of-a-kind gem within La Maddalena archipelago. For more historical sites, don’t forget to check out the Church of Santa Maria, where you can get a knock-out view of the entire archipelago.  

5. Santo Stefano

Santo Stefano, Italy | Gabriel Kiener © 

As you’re sailing around Corsica, Santo Stefano has something a little unique to add to La Maddalena archipelago. 

Known for hosting the NATO naval base, as well as several Italian navy bases, Santo Stefano has an extra mystique that you won’t find on just any other island. It’s also a great find for holiday-goers who are seeking a more secluded getaway; save the military presence and a few tourist accommodations, the island is largely uninhabited. 

Santo Stefano is only accessible by private boat, and it’s often one of the less busier islands in the archipelago. Here, south of La Maddalena, you can explore the island’s interesting jagged coastline, sparkling waters, and unique historic fortifications that dot the landscape. 

If a day at Santo Stefano is catching your eye, make sure you add it to your itinerary when planning your Corsica sailing yacht charter

6. Razzoli

Far north of Sardinia, Razzoli is a small and unspoiled island and the fifth largest in La Maddalena archipelago. Across its 12 km of coastline, you’ll find pristine vegetation and marine fauna that keep enticing sailors to its shores year after year. 

Razzoli is most known for its granite cliffs and mountainous conformations that have been shaped over the years by sand and sea. At sunset, you can see how the sun lights the granite rocks a deep red—surely one breathtaking sight for your scrapbook. 

Other must-see sights are the island’s highest peak, Monte Cappello, and its bevy of sheltered coves, including private wonderlands such as Cala Cappello, Cala Noce, and Cala Lunga.

7. Lavezzi

Lavezzi islands, Italy | Kévin et Laurianne Langlais © 

Last stop when sailing around Corsica? We recommend Lavezzi, an island peppered with small coves that make it ideal for Corsica sailing holidays. 

When visiting the island, most private boats head to the longest beach on the east coast first for some R+R. There are also some great spots for hiking to explore on the island. 

The biggest attraction of Lavezzi, however, is its scene for snorkeling. With eye-catching boulders that cut through the surface of its clear, turquoise waters, this island’s shores are ripe for some one-of-a-kind snorkeling. Under the surface, the boulders make a home for a wide range of different fish, making Lavezzi one of the best stops for snorkeling when sailing around Corsica. 

The fourth largest Mediterranean island, Corsica is a fan favorite when it comes to sailing holidays—and we couldn’t agree more. 

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