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Sailing holidays in Malta

Sailing holidays in Malta

The Ultimate Guide to Malta Yacht Charters

Our comprehensive sailing guide has everything you need to know about your next sailing holidays in Malta.

 A boat rental in Malta offers a variety of culture, diving and swimming options, but also a selection of well protected anchorages where you can drop your anchor and stay overnight.

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Sailing Malta...at a glance


The Arcipelago of Malta consists of three main islands, those of Malta, Gozo and Comino.  

There are also a couple of  smaller uninhabited islands i.e: 

  • Cominotto, 
  • Delimara Island, 
  • Filfla, 
  • islands of St. Paul/Selmunett Island and 
  • Manoel Island. 

What to see:

Valletta, Malta's historic capital with its impressive bastions and the ancient walled city of Mdina with its labyrinth of streets lit by lamps at night will excite you. 

Other sights include St. Paul’s Catacombs, the Roman cemetery in Rabat., the Dingli Cliffs or swimming at St Peter’s Pool at Marsaxlokk, a beautiful natural pool.

Are you a fresh seafood lover?

Then plentiful options await including bass, grouper, bream and mullet. 

Local dishes like Lampuki Pie, Kapunata ratatouille and a broad bean pate known as Bigilla are not to be missed.


Sailing conditions in Malta

Malta has a dry, Mediterranean climate, offering a typical long sailing season. 

Spring temperatures are around  25o C, while summer ones reach around 30oC on average. Malta has low rainfall, which peaks during late fall and winter. Sailing conditions in Malta offer plenty of opportunities for sheltered bays and anchorages. 

Winds blow at an average of 2-3 Beaufort scale and there are several wind systems, including the prominent northwesterly gregale which brings dry weather and the sirocco which beings hot, humid weather from Africa.


Where to start your Malta yacht charter & how to get there

Flying from the UK, Air Malta offers flights from Gatwick and Heathrow, while EasyJet offers flights from Gatwick, Manchester and Newcastle. 

Our US Customers can fly from New York to Malta International Airport (MLA) via Munich or Frankfurt with United Airlines and Lufthansa, or from Los Angeles via London Heathrow Virgin Atlantic and Air Malta. 

Transfer Time: 20 minutes


Boating Holiday Tips for Malta


  • Sailing in Sicily is possible, but you will need to be an experienced sailor to do so (around 60 NM). 
  • A sailing license is mandatory for sailing in Malta.
  • The local spoken language is the Malti, but English, French, Italian and Spanish are widely spoken as well.


Recommended 7-day Sailing Itinerary in Malta:

⚓ Day 1. Roland Marina (check in)

⚓ Day 2. Mgarr, Gozo 15NM

⚓ Day 3. Gozo 25 NM

⚓ Day 4. Comino 4 NM

⚓ Day 5. Blue Lagoon and Cominotto 10 NM

⚓ Day 6. Mellieha Bay, Malta 6 NM

⚓ Day 7. Roland Marina 12 NM


Prices: How much does it cost to charter a yacht in Malta?

It depends. For example, the most important ones are the type of boat you will choose and whether you require a professional crew on board (e.g. skipper, hostess or cook). So, as you can see, there are many factors that can shape a price for a boat rental. Check our full guide about yacht charter cost and how you can save much money in your next sailing holidays.

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