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Luxury One-Way Yacht Charter Itinerary from Athens to Corfu

Luxury One-Way Yacht Charter Itinerary from Athens to Corfu

Setting sail in Athens or Corfu is the picture-perfect way to spend a sailing holiday in Greece. Our own boat holiday expert, Elpida, decided to change things up a bit when she sailed from Athens to Corfu earlier this year on a unique one-way trip—a rare experience that can only be offered at certain times of the year.

As Yacht4Less’ Greek yacht charter consultant, Elpida designed an itinerary that captured the beauty, nature, and adventure of Peloponnese Mani, Zakynthos, Ithaca, Paxos, and more, all the way until Corfu. 

Looking for inspiration for your own luxury yacht charter in Athens or Corfu?

Let’s dive right in. 

Sun Odyssey 519: Our yacht for this sailing trip

Sun Odyssey 519 interior

For her seven-day voyage, Elpida chartered the Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 519. Created by world-renowned yacht designer, Philippe Brand, the Sun Odyssey 519 is a marvel of affordable luxury. 

At 16 meters in length, this monohull sailboat can accommodate 10 to 12 people with its four double cabins, one double with a bunk bed, and three heads—but there will be no tight squeezing aboard! With a galley kitchen, saloon table for dining, and a desk area, Elpida and her family sailed in complete comfort throughout their seven-day journey. 

A prime feature of the Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 519 is that it’s designed for ease of use with ample storage, state-of-the-art technology, and a centralized location for the generator cabinet, steering quadrant, and rudder reference. 

Most importantly, these key features of the monohull are designed among elegance, with stainless steel steering wheels, built-in wood grab handles, and plenty of natural light and ventilation. 

There’s a reason Elpida chose this yacht charter for her sailing holiday!

Discover more of the details in this Sun Odyssey 519 Review

Day-by-day itinerary

Our Yacht4Less’ Greek yacht charter consultant, Elpida!

Day 1. Athens (Check-in)

To kick off the journey, things started in Athens, where Elpida and her family visited local markets to stock up on fresh produce and supplies for the trip. Alternatively, for your sailing holiday, we can also arrange for provisions to be delivered right to your yacht charter, so you’re ready to begin your sailing itinerary hassle free. 

Day 2. Peloponnese Mani (Overnight)

In the South mainland of Greece, Peloponnese Mani (or The Mani Peninsula) was the first stop for Elpida’s Athens-to-Corfu sailing itinerary. 

Here, there are three main regions you can explore: Messinian Mani (Outer Mani), Lower Mani, and Deep Mani. Messinian Mani is the most famous tourist hotspot, where you can explore hiking trails at the Taygetos Mountain. Along the way, travelers also frequently flock to Deep Mani (the most isolated of the regions) to explore the mystical Caves of Diros.

Day 3. Peloponnese Pylos (Overnight)

After spending the first night in Peloponnese Mani, Elpida suggests heading to Peloponnese Pylos, one of Greece’s best historic coastal towns. 

On this peninsula, get your fill of exploration from the golden beaches and clear waters to the olive groves and vineyards and even historic castles. And for a few lazy hours sitting tranquilly in the sun, don’t forget to check out some of the local harbourside cafes. 

Day 4. Zakynthos (Swim stop and overnight)

Next up? It’s time to go swimming and spend the night at Zakynthos. 

This is a very popular destination for swimming, particularly at Navagio Beach. The main attraction on the island, this beach features a natural harbour surrounded by cliffs on three sides at an impressive 200 meters high. Known as Shipwreck Cove, it’s a spot you don’t want to miss if you’re keen on seeing the sites during your Athens-to-Corfu sailing holiday.

Somewhere between Athens and Corfu. Can you guess where? :)

Day 5. Ithaca (Swim stop in Afales and overnight in Vathi)

Another day aboard the Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 519 brought Elpida and her fellow travelers to Ithaca, where they stopped to swim at the Bay of Afales before staying overnight in Vathi. 

Like the beaches in northern Ithaca, the Bay of Afales has pure white sand, turquoise water, and lush surrounding vegetation. After spending the day swimming, Elpida recommends heading to Vathi, the capital and the main harbour of Ithaca since the 16th century. Built around a bay, this picturesque village is the perfect spot to dock for the night and enjoy some local cuisine.

Day 6. Paxos Gaios (Swim stop in Voutoumi and overnight in Gaios)

Nearing the end of her sailing holiday, Elpida stopped in Paxos Gaios. First at Antipaxos, Elpida headed to Voutoumi for a swim, the largest beach on Antipaxos with a white, pebbled coast and clear, blue water—the perfect scene for a midday swim.

In the evening, Elpida took to Gaios, the capital of Paxos and a great haven for sailors, as this tiny port town is full of fun fare without being too touristy. Here, you can visit seafront cafes for supper, watch the local fisherman, and take in the quiet, calm scene of the Greek waters.

Day 7. Corfu (Swim stop in Paxos Lakka and overnight in Corfu)

Last stop is, of course, Corfu! Before wrapping up her sailing holiday, Elpida stopped in Paxos Lakka, the second largest village of Paxos, for a swim, where she explored the beaches Kanoni or Harami. 

Once in Corfu to spend the night, there are plenty of sights to see—which is why Elpida chose to wrap up her sailing holiday here. Elpida ended the charter in Gouvia Marina and then spent the night taking the bus to Corfu to check out some of the hotspots, like the Old Fortress. There’s also plenty to see in the Old Town, where Elpida spent the evening strolling past cafes, visiting the famous Listes Square, and, of course, enjoying a delicious dinner with world-famous limoncello.


Feeling inspired? Before you get started planning your own sailing holiday aboard the Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 519, here are a few notes on some FAQs: 


Can we book a one way charter from Athens to Corfu? 

Elpida’s sailing itinerary from Athens to Corfu was a unique one-way charter, as she was sailing a boat that needed to be transferred from Athens to Corfu. Typically, yacht charters are round-trip from either Athens or Corfu and take seven days to sail—but if you’re looking for a different kind of sailing itinerary, you can always reach out to our team for a consultation as one way opportunities do come up occasionally, especially during the beginning or end of the sailing season.

How much does it cost to charter a yacht in Athens? 

When it comes to chartering a yacht in Athens, the price varies depending on the duration of your trip, the time of year when you’d like to sail, and the type of yacht you’d like to charter. Based on these specifications, a week-long yacht charter could range anywhere from around £1400 to £5000. To discuss your sailing itinerary and to get a custom quote, talk with Elpida, our Greek yacht charter consultant.

What is the best time to visit Corfu? 

With a warm, sunny climate, Corfu is prime for sailing in spring, summer, and autumn. The most popular season is from April to October, when the wind is gentle, the seas are still, and the evenings are long and warm. For more tips on sailing holidays in Corfu, check out our sailing guide in Corfu

Did Elpida’s luxury one-way yacht charter from Athens to Corfu get you in the travel mood?

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