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Sailing vacations in Florida

Sailing vacations in Florida

Florida is one of the quintessential dream vacation destinations of, not just the Americas, but the whole world. With hundreds of islands, stunning wildlife, and dreamy blue waters, sailing vacations in Florida are one item you want to make sure you cross off your bucket list. 

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The ultimate guide to sailing vacations in Florida

For many people, sailing vacations in Florida mean one thing: heading straight for the Florida Keys. Southeast off the coast of Florida, the Florida Keys is made up of 800 islands and 6,000 reefs, creating the perfect treasure trove of sand, sun, and surf for an unforgettable sailing holiday. 

So, where are all the hotspots? 

Start your trip by checking out Islamorada. Located directly between Miami and Key West, this village comprises five islands and boasts a rich history to check out (like the History of Diving Museum), as well as a popular fishing scene. 

Marathon is another must-hit destination. Situated in the middle of the Florida Keys, this city is home to the Seven Mile Bridge, which was one of the longest bridges in existence at the time it was built in 1982. The bridge has since been renovated for vehicular traffic, but parts of the old bridge are still open to the public for fishing, walking, and cycling—and it’s one view you don’t want to miss on sailing vacations in Florida. 

And of course, no sailing charters in Florida Keys would be complete without visiting the Florida Reef, the only living coral barrier reef in the continental U.S.—and the third-largest coral barrier reef in the world! 

Best time for sailing vacations in Florida & weather conditions

It’s clear that there are lots to check out during sailing vacations in Florida, so when should you set sail? 

Florida has warm, humid weather throughout the year, ranging from 15.56 C (60 F) to 31.67 C (89 F) in the peaks of midsummer. Winds are consistently light to moderate and largely blow from the east at 15-20 knots between late fall and late spring. 

What does all this mean for sailing? 

The best time for sailing vacations in Florida is from early November to early May, as the summers are hot and humid, often with a likelihood of rain. 

Since most of the crowds flock to the Keys in the winter months for a retreat into the sunshine, March to May is a great peak time to enjoy the Floridian sun and surf—often at cheaper prices and with fewer crowds. 

Where to start Florida sailing and how to get there

For sailing charters in the Florida Keys, there are a few ways you can get started. 

Most people fly into the Key West International Airport (EYW), which receives regular, non-stop flights from the continental U.S. via American Airlines, Delta, and United Airlines, among others. International travellers, meanwhile, frequently arrive from connections via New York, Washington, D.C., Miami, etc.  

From the airport, it’s a simple, 10-minute drive to the base at Stock Island Yacht Club & Marina. 

Looking for an alternate route? You can also begin sailing charters in Florida Keys from Key Largo or Miami. 

Florida sailing tips

When considering sailing yacht charters in Florida Keys, it’s important to know that there are many different options for moorings and anchorages. 

One fan favorite is Key Biscayne, where travellers often flock to check out the Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park for fishing, hiking, swimming, and wildlife viewing. The Biscayne Bay is an ideal site for calm, peaceful cruising, and you can even moor overnight at No Name Harbor for a small fee. 

In Biscayne Bay, you’ll also find Elliot Key, a popular anchorage for those on sailing vacations in Florida. Here, the National Park Service has marked the anchorage with buoys, where a park ranger is stationed nearby and campsites are available for visitors who come to snorkel, swim, and explore nature trails. 

Lastly, it’s good to note that, for U.S. citizens, sailing vacations in Florida is, of course, a simple entry, but international visitors will need to bring a passport that’s valid for the duration of their stay.  


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