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Travel in Croatia by Boat: 5 Islands to Set Sail In

Travel in Croatia by Boat: 5 Islands to Set Sail In

Dreaming of a holiday getaway where you can explore new wonders and travel in Croatia? 

If you've been bitten by the travel bug, we've got a round-up of key island destinations that are sure to thrill and delight. 

When you're imagining your travel Croatia itinerary and what it would be like to travel Croatia in a week, make sure you consider our top picks for a sailing holiday in Croatia. 

Here are five islands to check out for unforgettable travel in Croatia:

1. Rab

Rab, Croatia © Boudewijn Boer

A yachting favorite, this popular island is one that delights sailing holiday-goers year after year. But don't worry—there's still plenty of room left on the island to enjoy a private getaway. 

Rab features a bevy of unspoilt anchorages, where you can take in the sights in peace aboard your private yacht charter.

This destination is a particular must for those seeking a more active trip, as the island has 150 km of biking and hiking trails for you to explore.

2. Lopud

Lopud, Croatia © Nick van den Berg

Just a one-hour distance from Dubrovnik, Lopud is a true hidden gem when it comes to destinations for travel in Croatia. 

With breathtaking views of mountains and blue seas, you can completely immerse yourself in nature on Lopud—or you can take advantage of more touristy attractions. One-hundred percent car-free, this island sets the perfect scene for strolling on seafront promenades or dining at waterside restaurants. 

Plus, don't forget to check out Šunj Bay for an interesting anchorage among silky sands.

3. Lastovo

Lastovo, Croatia © Nemanja Trojković

Off-limits to foreigners until the 1980s, Lastovo is still a great spot to get away to to enjoy some privacy and R&R on your sailing holiday. 

And this archipelago has plenty to offer. Once a Yugoslav submarine base, Lastovo now has some interesting anchorages where the true adventure-seekers can have fun exploring. 

Does snorkeling with underwater torches pique your interest? You can even drop your anchor and explore remaining concrete structures under the sea from the island's past. 

What a holiday to remember! 

4. Korcula

Korcula, Croatia © Milica Spasojevic

Nestled between the popular cities Split and Dubrovnik, Korcula is a little island treasure in southern Croatia. 

Korcula is just 47 km long but is awash in wild nature, history, and traditions, creating the perfect oasis for you to enjoy a timeless escape in the Mediterranean. 

Only accessible by sea, Korcula is a tiny paradise where you can explore new coves, go diving and fishing, and take in some of nature’s most untouched sights. There are even small islands around Korcula that are also ripe for exploring, so you can take off with your adventurer spirit.

5. Kornati Islands

Sailing holidays in Kornati Islands
Kornati Islands, Adriatic Sea

The largest archipelago in the Adriatic, the Kornati Islands are the perfect sailing playground for sailors of all levels, whether you’re a seasoned pro who’s looking for another interesting locale to explore or a newbie who’s testing the waters on their first sailing getaway. 

Author George Bernard Shaw once wrote of the Kornati Islands: “On the last day of Creation God desired to crown His work, and thus created the Kornati islands out of tears, stars and breath.” Truly, this archipelago is one for the sea lovers, hosting magical views that can't be captured anywhere else.

It's also a top pick for those looking for privacy during their holiday, as many of the islands are completely deserted, save nature's butterflies, 60+ species of coral, and 200+ species of fish.  


As you imagine your travel Croatia itinerary, you may be wondering what kind of COVID-19 implications are involved. 

Here’s a rundown of some common FAQs:

1. What’s the Croatia travel list? 

Passengers who are traveling to Croatia from an EU / EEA member state (regardless of their citizenship) will be allowed entry if they possess a valid EU Digital COVID Certificate.

Citizens of EU / EEA member states, as well as members of their families, who are traveling to Croatia from third countries (i.e., countries that are not EU / EEA member states) will be allowed entry if they possess a valid EU Digital COVID Certificate.

Third-country nationals who are not family members of citizens of Schengen Member States will be granted entry only in cases of necessary travel.

Passengers from countries covered by the list of countries of the Croatian Institute of Public Health to which special epidemiological measures apply will be obliged to present certain paperwork for entry.

2. Is travel to Croatia safe?

During COVID-19, no travel is completely risk-free. Please refer to foregin travel advice from Gov.UK, as well as guidance from Croatia's Ministry of the Interior.

3. What are the Croatia travel entry requirements? 

Travel entry requirements to Croatia vary depending on your citizenship, status of residency, and many other factors. Please refer to guidance from Croatia's Ministry of the Interior to see the specific travel entry requirements for your specific situation. 

4. Can I travel to Croatia right now? 

Yes, granted that you meet the travel entry requirements outlined by Croatia's Ministry of the Interior, travel to Croatia is possible right now (November 2021).

5. Can you travel to Croatia without a vaccine? 

Yes, in certain circumstances, it is possible to travel to Croatia without a vaccine. Please refer to Croatia's Ministry of the Interior for specific travel entry requirements for your specific situation.

6. Can we travel to Croatia this summer? 

As COVID-19 remains an on-going, evolving threat, all COVID-19 travel-related information is subject to immediate change without notice. At the time of writing (November 2021), it is possible to book travel arrangements for Croatia for summer 2022. 

Please note that the above information is current as of writing on November 23, 2020. All information related to COVID-19 and all COVID-19 travel-relation information is subject to immediate change without notice, so please refer to Croatia's Ministry of the Interior for all information regarding entry to Croatia. 

Any of these beach paradises catch your fancy for travel in Croatia? 

Get more inspiration for traveling Croatia in a week with our Ultimate Guide to Croatian Yacht Charters.

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