Yacht4Less participating at ICE 2021

Yacht4Less participating at ICE 2021

With the 2021 summer sailing season just around the corner, the yachting industry is busy with preparations to ensure all will go ahead smoothly as planned and customers will be able to enjoy their well-deserved sailing getaway.

A digital industry-wide networking event couldn't have come at a better time.

It is with great pleasure that we are announcing that the Yacht4Less team will be participating at the 2021 International Charter Expo {ICE 2021}.

A new digital era for the yachting industry.


ICE'21 is actually the only boat show happening this spring. Hundreds of online meetings will take place on a carefully designed digital platform over the span of 3 days - 27-29/04/2021.


Even though it is true that nothing beats face-to-face interactions, we are so thankful to the ICE team for being so adaptive and creating an interactive online platform with spectacular and extremely realistic graphics simulating a nautical boat show, incl. a welcome desk. :)

Our team will have access to a "special" calendar connected to the platform from where they will organise their meetings with boat owners, fleet operators and suppliers.

ICE 2021 welcome desk graphics
Our team participated at ICE '20 last November too and successfully completed 50 B2B meetings.

Why it matters

At Yacht4Less we firmly believe that "quality matters". We have a great track record of successful bookings worldwide and satisfied customers and a big reason behind that is that we work hard to ensure we have longstanding relationships with our partners and meticulously evaluate their boats and service on a regular basis.

On the same note, we always strive to close specific and exclusive deals for our customers to ensure an even better experience with us; one that won't break the bank! :)

That is exactly what we are planning to do at ICE'21. A great networking opportunity to stay up to date with the latest industry news (thanks to the scheduled presentations from industry leaders such as boat manufacturers and insurance providers), meet new potential partners and re-evaluate and enhance our existing relationships. We will also be taking this time to brainstorm and discuss fresh business ideas and begin organising exciting events for our Yacht4Less family {stay tuned}.


Join us as we take a step forward and embrace a new, even more efficient digital era of the yachting industry! 

International Charter Expo digital boat show


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