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Family sailing holidays

Family sailing holidays

With a family sailing holiday, there’s no shortage of fun, for kids and adults alike!

 Benefits of sailing for kids

If you are planning to bring your children on a sailing holiday, you can be sure they will have an amazing time. Sailing is particularly great for active children, and your little ones will not tire of the endless activities available during your time onboard. You will never need to worry about restless youngsters complaining that they’re bored!

There are also all sorts of learning opportunities for your kids during a sailing trip. They will be able to engage in science and nature, for hands-on vacation, free of technology and distractions. Your family can bond over activities such as snorkeling, hiking, paddle boarding and exploring unique destinations.

 Planning a family sailing holiday

Once you’ve decided to book a sailing holiday with the kids, you’ll have to make sure a few things are in order so your holiday goes off without a hitch.

 Picking the right boat

Catamarans are a great choice for families because of their layout. With upper deck living spaces, it’s less likely to cause any motion sickness.

There is also a great outdoor space for lounging or al fresco dining. Catamarans have spacious cabins with comfortable common areas, and a wide stretch of deck space. With varying boat sizes, you’ll have options of anywhere from 3 to 7 cabins.

There are often en-suite bathrooms for each cabin, giving everyone their own space. Since they are so roomy, there’s plenty of privacy for the parents and plenty of space for children to run free. 

Depending on the group size, Yacht4Less recommends different catamaran models. For one family or a group of 4 to 6 people, the Lagoon 400S2 or the Lagoon 42 would be a great fit. With 3 or 4 cabin options, you’ll be able to easily pick the perfect layout for your family. 

For larger groups, such as 2 families, Yacht4Less recommends a Lagoon 450, Lagoon 50, Saba 50 or Lagoon 52F, to accommodate the whole family. It’s also worth noting that the Lagoon 50, Saba 50 and Lagoon 52F can be fully crewed, as they have enough space for crew quarters.

Another benefit of catamarans is their speed and stability due to the double hull. They will provide a nice smooth ride that will delight and captivate children, rather than inducing fear or seasickness. Kids will also enjoy the trampoline netting that stretches between the two hulls, as it gives them a front row seat for all the action as you sail along your itinerary. 

 Should you go with a fully crewed charter? 

As this is meant to be a relaxing holiday, some people prefer doing a fully crewed charter. When you have a crew to take care of all your needs and safety, then you’re free to totally chill. Normally fully crewed charters will include a captain and a chef and additional support roles if desired. This means all the cooking, navigation, and safety operations will be run by a professional, giving you and your kids more time to enjoy your holiday.

 Child-proofing your boat

To ensure your children’s safety, it would be a good idea to child-proof your boat and make sure they are not exposed to any items or situations that would put them in harm's way. 

Safety precautions may include inspecting and accounting for all safety equipment, such as life jackets, flares, and first-aid kids. 

You’ll also want to do some extra-provisioning for essential items like diapers, baby formula, and kid-friendly snacks. Depending on your destination, large supermarkets may be few and far between once you leave the base. You will still have access to minimarkets  and local shops for standard provisioning

 Planning activities

If you’re taking your children on a family sailing holiday, make sure to take advantage of all the Yacht4Less extras available to you! When booking your holiday, ask your charter consultant about things like safety nets, water toys, and even airport transfers and provisioning services!

At Yacht4Less, we aim to make your holiday as relaxing as possible!

As for activities along your sailing route, Yacht4Less recommends picking a destination that enables shorter sailing distances, so you can make plenty of swim stops, or go ashore and explore.

Some great choices are Split, Croatia; Mallorca, Spain; BVI; Bahamas; and the Ionian Sea or Saronic Gulf in Greece for a family sailing holiday.

Day-to-day activities might include all sorts of water sports like swimming, snorkeling, paddle boarding, kayaking, or tubing. There’s also a wealth of activities to be found ashore. You and your children will enjoy hiking, biking, wandering through quaint towns and villages, trying new restaurants and exploring museums.

 Family discussion

Lastly, before heading out on your family sailing holiday, it’s essential to give kids a good briefing on the boat and what they are allowed and not allowed to do. Lay some ground rules, outlining the type of behavior that will be expected of them for the duration of the trip. This will ensure they have a good understanding of the need for safe and responsible behavior. As soon as that discussion is had, the fun can begin!

Clearly, there are many great reasons to take a family sailing holiday! With some many activities, yacht models, and destinations, it’s entirely possible to create a bespoke trip that Yacht4Less will help customize for your family’s needs.

Send an enquiry today to discuss with a yacht charter consultant.

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