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Sailing holidays in Kos

Sailing holidays in Kos

A complete yacht charter guide that has everything you need to know about sailing holidays in Kos.

If you love the idea of having your next sailing holidays in Greece, and especially the island of Kos, this is what you need to get prepared before your boat trip.

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Let's dive right in!

Sailing Kos ...at a glance

Kos is one of Greece's Dodecanese islands, and her name derives from the daughter of the mythical King Meropas, called Koos. Kos is also the birthplace of Hippocrates, who is considered "the father of medicine".

With a yacht charter in Kos, you can explore the Southeast Aegean, just off the coast of Turkey.

Some of the highlights include the islands of Symi, Tilos, and Rhodes, and the islands' sandy beachesturquoise watersancient and medieval monuments as well as Venetian architecture are sure to impress even the most demanding of travelers.

Why charter from Kos?

Kos is a must-see Greek island thanks to its rich culture and history, and the itinerary when starting from Kos is equally rewarding.

It is ideal for charterers looking for consistent, strong winds and long passages between unspoiled islands and islets. Other than the famous Kos and Rhodes, you can also visit picturesque Symi, Niseros and her volcano, as well as Tilos.

North of Kos, you will find small fishing villages and quiet harbors; the Dodecanese are undoubtedly the Greek destination which has escaped tourism the most, and is home to some lesser-known Greek islands! 

Kos is ideal for:

  • Advanced sailors
  • Charterers who enjoy strong winds and long passages
  • 14-day charters
  • Mile-building trips
  • Keen sailors who want to visit Turkey's Aegean coast too

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Kos sailing weather conditions

When sailing from Kos you can expect consistent NE winds averaging 4-6 Beaufort, which will allow you to enjoy exhilarating sailing from midday and until late afternoon.

If you are sailing in the Dodecanese in July and August, be aware that the prevailing "Meltemi" can bring stronger winds Force 5-7.


Where can we start our Kos sailing holidays from?

You will need to fly in and out of the International airport of Kos, towards which you should be able to find Saturday Easyjet flights from the UK. 

We can, of course, organise and book your airport transfers for you in advance, and the transfer time from Kos airport to the marina is approximately 25 minutes.


Kos sailing holiday tips

  • When walking around the town of Kos, you shouldn't miss the Medieval Castle (Nerantzia castle), the Eleftheria Square, and the Hippocrates tree, which is said to be the tree under which the great doctor taught his students and examined his patients. This tree is actually 2,500 years old!
  • Sailing around the Dodecanese, you can expect average sailing distances of 25nm/day.
  • Kos Marina is located one mile SE from Kos old harbor (Entrance: 36° 53' N 27° 18' E) and offers 250 berths with mooring lines. The marina is very well-equipped with showers, bathrooms, supermarkets (including a fresh fruit market), as well as car parking and laundry services.

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Recommended Kos sailing itineraries

Sailing route from Kos​​​​​​​
7-day sailing route

⚓ Day 1. Kos Marina (check-in)

⚓ Day 2. Kos - Nisyros (Palos) 24 NM

⚓ Day 3. Nisyros - Simi (Ayia Marina) 36 NM

⚓ Day 4. Symi - Chalki (Emborios) - 30 NM

⚓ Day 5. Chalki - Karpathos (Pigadia) - 48 NM

⚓ Day 6. Karpathos - Tilos (Livadi) - 60 NM

⚓ Day 7. Tilos - Kos  36 NM

13-day sailing route

⚓ Day 1. Kos - Kalymnos (18 NM)

⚓ Day 2. Kalymnos - Gaidaros (45 NM)

⚓ Day 3. Gaidaros - Samos (27 NM)

⚓ Day 4. Samos - Fournoi (29 NM)

⚓ Day 5. Fournoi - Patmos (19 NM)

⚓ Day 6. Patmos - Leros (18 NM)

⚓ Day 7. Leros - Nisiros (37 NM)

⚓ Day 8. Nisiros - Khalki (34 NM)

⚓ Day 9. Khalki - Lindos (32 NM)

⚓ Day 10. Lindos - Rhodes town (19 NM)

⚓ Day 11. Rhodes town - Symi (18 NM)

⚓ Day 12. Symi - Tilos (28 NM)

⚓ Day 13. Tilos - Kos (42 NM)

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