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Sailing in the Sporades islands - Our handpicked itinerary

Sailing in the Sporades islands - Our handpicked itinerary

Handpicked and vouched for by our boat holiday expert, Elpida, this seven day Sporades sailing itinerary will show you authentic Greek culture and awesome natural beauty!

Skiathos sailing trips really are a can’t-miss for sailors of all levels. This August, Elpida, Yacht4Less’ Greek yacht charter consultant, took the sailing holiday of a lifetime with her family in the Sporades. Use her personal itinerary for inspiration, and learn about the best stops when sailing around Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonissos and the smaller isles.

Here is Elpida’s Sporades sailing itinerary:

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7-day Sporades sailing itinerary guide

sailing in sporades, skiathos trip
Sailing in the Sporades islands, 7-day trip (blue route) & alternative 13-day itinerary (brown route)

⚓ Day 1. Skiathos (check-in)

The week began on the cosmopolitan island of Skiathos, where fun bars and beautiful sandy beaches abound. After checking in to their yacht, Elpida and the rest of the crew did their provisioning at SPAR SuperMarket, and spent their first night in Skiathos town.

⚓ Day 2. Skiathos - Limnonari 10NM – Skantzura 15NM 

After relaxing in Skiathos, it was time to head to Limnonari. Elpida loved this tiny, lovely sandy beach that is hidden from the main action in Skopelos. With an abundance of surrounding pine trees, the waters at Limnonari are a beautiful almost emerald color!

Next stop for the day is Skantzura, where Elpida said she enjoyed bird watching amongst the olive groves. If you’re lucky, while you’re there you might spot the rare breeds, like the Audouin’s Gulls and Eleanora’s falcon, that call Skantzura home. You can also explore ruins of an old monastery on the coast, which was the first monastery ever built on the island. 

skiathos sailing trip - our yacht
Elpida's home for the week ❤️ - Already in love with it? Find your dream boat in the Sporades here.

⚓ Day 3. Sail around Alonissos - Alonissos (Patitiri) 17 NM

Day 3 of Elpida’s Sporades sailing itinerary was spent sailing around Alonissos, one of the first of the Sporades islands to be inhabited. Here, they visited the National Marine Park, which is home to more fantastic wildlife. They were able to spend the day looking for seabirds, dolphins, and monk seals from the comfort of their deck!

Alonissos is also a great place to enjoy some amazing Greek wines. According to Greek Mythology, the island was first inhabited by the son of Dionysus and Ariadne and it has long been considered a famous wine region. There are also many other aspects of agriculture and cuisine on the island, and Elpida recommends trying some delicious fouskakia, hamalia, and amigdalota (doughnuts, flaky sweet pastry, and almond biscuits).

⚓ Day 4. Alonissos (Milia) 3NM – Kyra Panagia 12NM

From Alonissos, Elpida and her family continued their sailing holidays in the Sporades by heading to Kyra Panagia. For mooring, there are two natural anchorages. Planitis is the safest, and used to be a shelter for pirates. 

Also known as Pelagos, Kyra Panagia is the largest uninhabited island North of Alonissos. It is home to a monastery on the east side of the island, where there is currently only one monk. 


skiathos sailing trip - me as a captain
Elpida taking the helm - Learn more about skippered sailing holidays.


⚓ Day 5. Psathoura 12NM – Milia Kokkinokastro 12NM – Planitis 11NM

Continuing further North in the Sporades, day 5 was spent on Psathoura island. The spectacular Psathoura lighthouse was built in 1895 and is one of the tallest lighthouses in the Aegean, at 28.9 meters tall. Another uninhabited island ideal for a peaceful day immersed in nature. 

If you visit in the beginning of summer, you might also catch the rare white beach lilies that grow in Psathoura’s fertile volcanic grounds. Psathoura is also a great place to explore neolithic ruins that look like an ancient fortress. 

Just 12NM away is the beautiful beach of Milia (Kokkinokastro). During her time here, Elpida enjoyed swimming and snorkelling in the clear turquoise waters.

Bonus tip: Look out for the red rocks surrounding the beach, as they make for a stunning sunset backdrop! 

For the evening, Elpida recommends the Planitis anchorage back on Kyra Panagia for a nice sheltered spot and a good night’s rest.

⚓ Day 6. Alonissos (Mourtia) 21NM – Skopelos 6NM

After waking up in the beautiful harbour of Planitis, it was time to head back to Alonissos. 

Another day, another amazing beach. For day 6 of the Sporades sailing itinerary, Elpida spent some time at Megalos Mourtias beach. One of the most beautiful beaches in Alonissos, it’s a great place for swimming and water sports like stand up paddle boarding. It’s protected from strong winds, so the water is always pretty calm. 

Bonus tip: If you venture ashore to have lunch at one of the two tavernas, make sure to bring water shoes to protect your feet, as the beach is quite pebbly.

Later in the day, Elpida and the crew made their way further South to Skopelos, where there was still so much to do and see! For nature enthusiasts, Elpida recommends one of the hikes that leads to several monasteries and the chapel of Saint John Kastri (a Mamma Mia shooting location). The best part about Skopelos is of course, the breathtaking natural views. 

Looking for a restaurant recommendation in Skopelos? Some of Elpida’s personal favorites on the island are Olivo, Agnanti Restaurant, and Gousto. 

⚓ Day 7. Tsougria 17NM -Skiathos 4N

Elpida decided to close out her sailing trip in the Sporades with a stop in Tsougria, which is an islet across from Skiathos. Another uninhabited island, it is a nice escape from the crowds. Here, you can lay out on a nice sandy beach, order some food and drinks from the local taverna, and relax before you head back to Skiathos for the check out. With shallow waters, you can actually walk really far out and still stand, making it a great stop for families with children. You can also wander up to the little church on the hillside to get some nice instagram-worthy views. 

After enjoying a final pleasant beach day, Elpida and the crew headed back to Skiathos island.

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