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Romantic places to go for Valentine's day {sailing guide}

Romantic places to go for Valentine's day {sailing guide}

Love is in the air… That’s right: The most romantic time of the year is almost upon us, and while flowers and chocolate rarely disappoint, why not try something a little different this year? 

Whether you’re an adventure-seeking couple ready for a vacation that you’ll never forget or you’re craving a romantic, private retreat, a yacht charter is one of the best couple holidays

Let's dive right in!

Yacht charter: why it’s one of the best couple holidays

Walking on the beach, watching the sun set, having a luxury dinner… Sure, these are all go-to classics for a Valentine’s Day date, but why limit the romance to one day? Instead, turn your special day into a full Valentine’s Day 7 day vacation with a yacht charter getaway. 

Instead of limiting yourself to just a walk on the beach, you can set sail in new and exciting locales, like the Bahamas, USVI, or Mexico.

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Looking for an adventure-filled Valentine’s Day vacation? Spend the days in the water trying out snorkeling, kayaking, or fishing—or take to the shore for sightseeing, shopping, and dining. If relaxing Valentine’s Day getaways are more your thing, then spend the day luxuriating aboard your yacht charter with breakfast in bed and cocktails at sunset. 

There are many different romantic places to go for Valentine’s Day, but taking in the sights from the helm of your own yacht charter promises an unforgettable experience that you can’t get with most Valentine’s Day holiday deals.  

Not sure where you should set sail? Here are our top picks. 

Romantics places to go for Valentine’s Day

Couples holidays can be difficult to plan. Where should we go? How long should we stay? What should we do when we get there? 

For many of us, it’s a no-brainer to head for warmer weather when we have time off for vacation. And when it comes to how long we should vacation, some have even gotten it down to a science: According to Condé Nast, “the 'perfect trip'” can be described “as a seven- to ten-day stint.” 

So, where should you head? 

For adventure-seekers, a week exploring the Exumas island chain in the Bahamas is one of the must-have Valentine’s Day getaways. Just southeast of Nassau, Exumas comprises 365 islands, giving you plenty of romantic places to go to on Valentine’s Day. Spend time diving in crystalline waters, snorkeling among colorful fish, or simply taking in nature’s beauty from your yacht. 

Another hot spot to visit in the Bahamas is Abaco, where you and your sweetheart can marvel at the wonders of 130 miles of islands. One stop you don’t want to miss? Elbow Cay. The Elbow Reef lighthouse is the last working kerosene-burning lighthouse in the world—and a favorite visit among travelers. Not so interested in a historical visit? No worries, the islands’ blue waters, gentle breezes, and beautiful landscapes still offer plenty to do—from fishing to diving to picnicking—for a one-of-a-kind Valentine’s Day retreat.

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Another top cruising destination in the world (and easily one of the most romantic places to go on Valentine’s Day) is the USVI. And for luxury breaks for couples, there might not be anything better. 

Sailing holidays in USVI

When you book a private yacht charter, you can set sail from the base in St. Thomas and then take off on an exciting whirlwind to St. Croix, St. John, and more romantic getaways. Famed for its powdery white sand, the USVI is a dazzling locale that you don’t want to miss if you’re looking for luxury breaks for couples. With a unique atmosphere blending influences from Europe, America, Caribbean, and the indigenous Taino culture, the USVI has long been one of the most romantic places to go for Valentine’s Day—so why not give it a try?

If you’re a travel junkie and really itching to try something new with some special Valentine’s Day trip ideas, how about heading to Mexico for a week-long stay in February? 

In Cancun, you and your special someone can make this Valentine’s Day one for the record books with a week spent exploring Mexico’s Caribbean coast. Soak up the coastline’s breathtaking beauty with a visit to the Mesoamerican Reef: Covering 700 miles over four countries, this is the second largest coral reef in the world and truly one of Mother Nature’s masterpieces. 

Another one of the hot-spot, romantic places to go for Valentine’s Day is La Paz off the coast of the Sea of Cortez. La Paz is one of the most popular locations in the world for high-class diving, fishing, and snorkeling—you can catch sight of whales and dolphins and even swim with sea lions at the natural aquarium, Isla Espiritu Santo. And if you ever feel like you need to take a break from the water, simply head ashore for a bevy of delicious restaurants, fascinating museums, and restored historical buildings. With its turquoise waters and stunning mountain ranges, La Paz is one site you don’t want to miss. 

Valentine’s Day vacation: how to set sail?

If luxury and indulgence is what you’re after, then a private yacht charter is your ticket. With this all-inclusive package, you can enjoy the amenities of a five-star resort from the privacy of your very own yacht charter. 

What’s included? 

First, a skipper takes charge by planning your entire sailing route and then doing all the heavy lifting along the way, so you can focus on one thing: R+R. They’ll take care of all the safety and technical operations of the boat (even finding a mooring for your trip) and direct the rest of the crew for a seamless journey. 

Meanwhile, a private chef sources provisions and cooks you personalized, gourmet meals throughout your journey—from serving to cleaning—so you and your sweetheart can eat like royalty without lifting a finger. Have any special dietary needs or allergies? No problem. A consultation ahead of time ensures all your needs are accommodated, and you can even request special dishes, so you can make sure your favorites are on the menu. 

Finally, a hostess is always on stand-by to cater to your general needs, assist the skipper and chef as needed, and, ultimately, make sure everything runs smoothly throughout your Valentine’s Day retreat. 

Top picks for a private yacht charter are catamarans 50 feet and up, like the Lagoon 620, as they can accommodate a full crew and still leave you plenty of space for comfort and elegance. 

Sound inviting? Connect with a consultant to see what’s the best fit for you and your trip. 

Not ready to charter an entire yacht for your vacation?

We get it. That’s why we also offer the luxury of a fully-crewed catamaran with by-the-cabin charters. Think of it like renting out of a hotel room on a cruise or at a resort—except with a lot more pizzazz! 

With a by-the-cabin charter, you’ll rest in comfort in a double bedroom with a private bathroom and then enjoy socializing with other couples in the shared kitchen, living room, and deck. With a skipper and private chef aboard, you’ll still enjoy sailing at the height of luxury without having to worry about chartering an entire yacht. Imagine you and your loved one relaxing aboard in the morning, sightseeing during the day, and socializing at night with cocktails below the starry sky.

The layout of catamarans make them a great choice for a by-the-cabin charter, too, because they’re spacious and comfortable, so you can still get the privacy you want while enjoying the more social aspects of the charter. Plus, with their shallow drafts, catamarans also mean you can anchor close to shore for ultimate convenience. 

Ready to set sail for a week at one of the most romantic places to go for Valentine’s Day? We’re here to help you get started! Contact us today for a consultation.

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