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Cabin charter sailing holidays explained

Cabin charter sailing holidays explained

 What is a cabin charter?

With a cabin charter sailing holiday you are renting a cabin aboard a boat, similar to how you would book with a cruise ship, or a hotel. With a double bed and a private bathroom, you have everything you could possibly need! You have your own private space, but you also have free-range of all the common spaces on the boat, like the kitchen, living room, and deck.

Lounge around and socialise with the other guests all day, and then retreat back to your personal area in the evening. Cabin charter sailing is perfect for when you just don’t need a whole yacht to yourself; sailing by the cabin allows you to have your cake and eat it too.

 Why are cabin charter sailing holidays a great choice?

The primary reason people choose to book cabin charters is because they work for more types of clients.

Whether you are by yourself, or a couple, or just a small group, booking a cabin charter allows you to still enjoy the sailing experience, without needing to organise a whole big group to fill the boat and split the cost.

So for a fraction of the cost, you can have the luxury of a fully crewed charter. Spend your days lounging out under the sun while a gourmet chef feeds you and an experienced crew shows you the ropes of sailing.

While this sort of holiday would normally cost about 25,000 EUR per week, if you were booking a private catamaran charter, with by-the-cabin sailing you have the opportunity to live this luxurious travel experience for about 10% or less of the cost of an entire boat charter.

*Please note that prices are dependent on the boat and destination.

While some prefer the privacy that booking an entire boat provides, some people love the social aspect of cabin charters! When you are out on the open waters with new friends, it provides the perfect backdrop for easy bonding.  With cabin charter sailing you get to meet all sorts of new people.

Also, when sailing by the cabin you can easily improve your sailing skills!

With a skipper (captain) for your journey, you’ll always have a resident expert on board to show you the ropes. If you’ve ever dreamed of doing a bareboat charter, a cabin charter is a great way to get your feet wet and get more confident in your abilities.

Cabin charters are great for all levels of sailors. Beginners may want to be more hands on to test out their abilities, while seasoned veterans may enjoy letting someone else take the reins.

Sailing by the cabin charters are great for those looking to have a luxury experience as well. With a very knowledgeable crew at your beck and call, you can have a customised sailing experience if you take advantage of their local knowledge of excursions, restaurants, and shopping.

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 Things to keep in mind when sailing by the cabin

Cabin charters are best suited for catamarans due to the layout of the boat. Popular catamaran models for cabin charter holidays include the Lagoon 52F and the Lagoon 620.

Catamarans are extraordinarily comfortable, as they are more spacious than other sailing yachts. With their two hull design, catamarans offer more expansive common areas, more private cabin arrangements and a smoother ride.

Catamaran sailing also offers more opportunities to go closer to shore, compared to a sailing yacht, thanks to the catamaran’s shallow draft. On your cabin charter sailing holiday you will be able to anchor in amazing private coves and anchorages, waking up in a new and incredible spot everyday.

Yacht4Less manages 3 sailing yachts in Greece, ranging from 40-50ft. If you are interested in sailing by the cabin on a high-quality monohull, we often organise mile building trips, yacht deliveries or events which are all rented by the cabin.

Contact us today to check on upcoming availability for any of the aforementioned options.  

Destinations with by-the-cabin charter availability include:

  1. Bahamas (Nassau)
  2. Cuba
  3. Guadeloupe
  4. Martinique
  5. St. Martin
  6. British Virgin Islands
  7. Galapagos
  8. Indonesia
  9. Seychelles
  10. Tahiti (French Polynesia)
  11. Corsica
  12. Grenada
  13. Maldives
  14. Spain (Balearic Islands)
  15. Croatia (Dubrovnik)
  16. Italy (Amalfi Coast)
  17. Italy (Sicily)
  18. Thailand
  19. Greece (Athens)
  20. St. Barts
  21. USVI


 A typical day on board a cabin charter sailing holiday

If you are considering sailing by the cabin you can expect a luxurious holiday filled with fun, sun, and relaxation. You’ll wake up to the sound of breakfast in the works and the smell of coffee brewing. Everyday breakfast will be served by the private chef on board, in a new gorgeous location.

Diversity is a theme of cabin charters and you can expect to have many new and interesting experiences whilst sailing by the cabin. No two days shall be the same!  

Enjoy the morning sunshine and the front-row water view, then take off for the day's activities. Cabin charter sailing can include swimming, sunbathing, sailing to a different anchorage, or even snorkeling, viewing dolphins or sea turtles, sailing action, or exploring a new island.

Evening festivities could include a boat cocktail hour and hors d'oeuvres. It’s time to kick back and enjoy your luxury travel to the fullest extent. Take the time to unwind from the day, and socialize with your boatmates.

For more information regarding our by-the-cabin sailing holiday options, feel free to contact us at info@yacht4less.com, or give us a call on +44 (0) 20 8144 4580 to discuss with one of our experienced charter consultants.

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