Party sailing vs. natural wonders

Party sailing vs. natural wonders

Party sailing vs. natural wonders - what’s right for you?

What does adventure mean to you? When you envision your perfect yacht charter, are you seeing a sailing party holiday or a peaceful trip filled with nature sailing? For many - a sailing party holiday is a perfect way to let loose and enjoy their time off. But on the other hand, some people would rather relax and find peace with nature sailing. Both are great choices, but your trip will be very different, depending on which you choose.

 Boat type 

The boat type you choose will be essential to the type of sailing experience you have. For example, a sailing party holiday will require a larger boat! Jeanneau has the Sun Loft 47 that would be ideal for larger groups of people. With 6 cabins and 4 shower compartments, this monocat can accommodate up to 12 people.

The deck is also well designed for entertaining and socializing. Also - it’s easy to sail! As the smallest six-cabin monohull on the market, it is just 47ft long and handles with ease. For large groups, you could also consider the Sun Odyssey 479, which is a monohull with 4 cabins, 4 bathrooms, and great sailing performance.

For a little more luxury, Yacht4Less recommends a Lagoon or Bali catamaran. These offer the largest, plushest living spaces and smoothest sailing experience. You could even get a crewed charter, where a skipper and a private chef will take care of all the logistical details - so the party never has to stop!  

For nature sailing, there are also plenty of options. Your boat choice will depend largely on where you’d like to go. Catamarans have shallow drafts and are great for getting into secluded bays and coves. For adventures in choppier waters, you’ll want a model with a hull that has a deep, sharp v design for lesser boat-wave impact. Talk with your charter consultant to get personalized and tailored advice on what kind of boat you should charter.


In the question of party sailing vs natural wonders, the destination you choose will play an important role in what kind of holiday you have. 

For party sailing, you will want to select a spot with a lot of hustle and bustle. Cities and well-populated beach towns will be your best best. City destinations usually have a happening nightlife, whereas beach towns might have more beach bars and volleyball tournaments. Yacht4Less recommends the BVIs, Antigua, or the Amalfi Coast in Italy!  

For nature sailing, pick somewhere a little more remote so you can bask in the peacefulness and become one with nature.

If you are an avid adventurer, Yacht4Less recommends the Grenadines, Turkey, Corsica (France), or the Sporades in Greece

 Daily activities

Day-to-day activities are probably what is most different about party sailing vs. natural wonders. If you’re most interested in having an active itinerary, filled with hiking, swimming, snorkeling, paddle boarding, or kayaking - then natural wonders are probably for you.

Don’t forget to ask your charter broker about equipment, as Yacht4Less can provide most everything you need for water sports during your trip.  We offer snorkeling equipment, fins, kayaks, and SUPs.

On the flip side, if dancing, socializing, and enjoying good food and drink is more your speed, then a sailing party holiday is the way to go. You can even bring the party aboard - just make sure your boat is fully stocked with a great speaker and plenty of snacks and drinks.

Yacht4Less can arrange provisioning for your charter to ensure the party never has to stop.


Now when it comes to party sailing vs natural wonders, it’s important to note that it doesn’t have to be one or the other. There are plenty of ways to have the best of both worlds during your sailing holiday.

For example, Ibiza and Mallorca provide just the right mix of party sailing holiday and nature sailing. The Balearic islands are both renowned for their natural beauty and their club scene.

Ibiza is better known for its discotecas, it is also a UNESCO World Heritage site for biodiversity. Mallorca also has its share of sites to see with the Serra Tramuntana mountain range, and the Paseo Maritimo bar crawl. Then the entire island of Menorca is designated as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

For more ideas about how to have both a party sailing holiday and a nature sailing charter - ask your charter broker! 

If you’re ready to book your sailing party holiday, nature sailing charter, or need more help deciding whether party sailing vs. natural wonders is the way to go - send an enquiry and Yacht4Less would be happy to help.

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