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Sailing holidays vs. land-based holidays

Sailing holidays vs. land-based holidays

Should you sail the seas or stay shore for your next holiday? Learn more about your options!

While land-based holidays are the more traditional option, sailing yacht charters make for a great holiday that you will be sure to enjoy! Whether you choose an adventurous, unique holiday or a conventional trip on the shore, here is an outline of some of the pros and cons that you can expect and why we think a sailing holiday is the way to go!

 Travel arrangements

Unlike sailing holidays, where the journey is the destination, land-based holidays will counterintuitively involve more daily travel. 

Transportation will be a big component of any land-based the trip.  During land-based holidays, you have to fly to your destination, get around during your trip to the various stops, and arrange your return home.

Day trips might require planes, trains, bikes, buses, taxis, and walking just to get from point A to point B, and then you’ll have to do it all over the next day. Unless you’re planning on not leaving the resort, you can count on taking many modes of transportation. 

On the other hand, sailing holidays are the best of both worlds.

Your primary mode of transportation will play double duty as your sleeping accommodations, your dining reservations, and your daily recreation. When you choose a sailing holiday, obviously you will spend most of your time on the water however, you will still be able to go ashore plenty.

It’s really up to you - some people choose to explore land attractions every day, and some people prefer to stay on the boat, soak up the sun, and partake in water sports most days. 

 Environment and ambiance

One of the top reasons people enjoy sailing yacht charters is the quiet, intimate setting they provide.

If you prefer a holiday full of peace & privacy, sailing holidays are for you. It’s great for whatever kind of group you have - families, couples, and old friends. It’s just you and the sea, which makes for a rejuvenating, refreshing and fun experience where you can relish in your company and your surroundings. 

Some large hotels can feel impersonal and overcrowded, which doesn’t lend itself to a nice atmosphere.

When you’re packed into a hotel with hundreds or thousands of others, there can be lapses in quality. You don’t want to have to worry about questionable sanitation, and poor service by overworked and busy staff.

 Activities & itinerary

Wake up with a new view each morning of your trip. With a sailing holiday, you will have total freedom with your schedule and itinerary.

Another great perk of sailing holidays is the variety and freedom with your time. You can enjoy a different spot every day.  You decide when and where you go.

This enables spontaneity, so you can carpe diem! Who doesn’t love the thrill that comes with being the captain of their vessel and voyage! There are a million different ways to spend the day, and you get to choose how you use your time. You can snorkel amongst the fish, skim across the waves, and feel the sea breeze in your hair. 

In that same vein, the wealth of activities available on sailing holidays can help you build your relationships. Sailing fosters teamwork, bonds groups together, and creates unique memories to treasure forever. When you’re on the water you’ll have to communicate with your fellow sailors and work together. As you share this incredible and interesting experience, your group will grow closer and closer.

While land-based trips have a level of familiarity since they are so commonplace, there is also a level of staleness or dullness to them since you’ve likely had a similar experience before. The range of shore-based activities is pretty limited. Same trip, different location.

Whether you’re in Europe or Australia, on a land-based holiday the drill remains the same. Wake up at the hotel, go out for the day for your activities, and then go out for dinner and return to the hotel. Same old, same old. While some enjoy this routine, for those that seek a higher level of adventure, it can be hard to break the mold when you’re ashore.

 Value & price 

Sailing holidays are a very economical option and you can charter a high-quality boat from 50 EUR per person per night.

One of the biggest factors in deciding upon holiday plans is cost. For a shore-based holiday, 50 EUR would get you a room in a 3-star hotel, or lower.

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Another added element of land-based holidays is the unexpected additional costs. While there are many ways to limit spending, you may find that the extras add up during a land-based vacation. That extra bag fee from the airline, the minibar at the hotel, museum entrance tickets, and eating out for all of your meals can make for a very pricey trip if you let it. If you are interested in saving money, all-inclusive packages are ideal, but that means that you will spend most of your time at the hotel. 

Now if all that’s not enough to making sailing holidays compelling, you should consider the sheer luxury of a private Fully Crewed Yacht Charter. You’ll enjoy stunning views onboard cushy yachts. For the most luxurious experience, Yacht4Less recommends chartering a catamaran. This will ensure you have a comfortable stay, with smooth sailing and plenty of space. You can also take advantage of the luxurious customized options and add-ons Yacht4Less offers, like water sports toys, chefs, and all-inclusive packages. 

Yacht4Less also has access to more than 50 sailing destinations worldwide. Spanning the globe, our destinations include the Mediterranean, Caribbean, Exotics, and the Americas.

If all of these locations appeal to you and you want to explore them all - take advantage of Yacht4Less’ Loyalty Reward program, where you are entitled to an additional Repeater Discount (on top of existing reductions), on your next yacht charter with us worldwide!

Usually, discounts like these can only be found at large and expensive hotel chains. As you can see, there are plenty of ways to make sailing a cost-effective, yet still luxurious getaway! 

So while you may be used to land-based holidays, if you want your next holiday to be exciting, relaxing and unique - try a sailing holiday instead and we promise you won’t look back!

If you need any assistance deciding on a sailing holiday, chat with one of our charter consultants, +44 (0) 20 8144 4580. As industry experts, we can help you find the right sailing holiday for you. Send us an enquiry!

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