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Winter Sun Sailing Holidays: A Guide to Escape Cold Winter Days

Winter Sun Sailing Holidays: A Guide to Escape Cold Winter Days

How to Enjoy Winter Sun Sailing Holidays

When and Where to Go

When you choose to enjoy your winter sun sailing holidays will depend entirely on when winter is for you! Winter in the Northern hemisphere is summer from the Southern Hemisphere, and vice versa. However, the tropics are warm year round and make a great option for travellers from all over. 

For travellers from the North, we recommend sailing holiday destinations such as the Caribbean, the Exotics, or some of the Americas. Islands like the BVIs and Antigua, to name a few, would make a great get away for your winter sun sailing holidays! For a further, more out of the ordinary trip, sailing holidays in Thailand, or sailing holidays in Australia would be good options as they will be in the opposite season of the Northern hemisphere.

Timing is an important consideration, as well. If you are looking to escape the cold, chances are - everyone else is too. For the Caribbean, peak season is between mid-December through mid-April and this means tourism is in full-swing.

Australia’s peak season runs from June through August, and the South Pacific Islands will be busiest during their dry season, May through to October. If crowds and prices are important factors for you, you might want to consider destinations that are not in peak season. Or to get the best value, pick one of the shoulder months. These are the months just before, or just after the peak season - and where you find the best value. Shoulder months mean less crowds, less money, and usually comparable weather and activities!  

What to See and Do

As you are going on holiday to beat the winter blues, Yacht4Less recommends picking a destination with a wide array of activities available. We have 40+ bases to choose from, so there is something for everyone!

For active adventurers, look for places with great natural terrains and clear blue waters, for lots of hiking, swimming and snorkeling.

The following three spots offer barrier reefs, rainforests, and rare flora and fauna. There will be plenty to explore!

  1. Sailing holidays in Grenada,
  2. Sailing holidays in Madagascar, or
  3. Sailing holidays in Belize.

If you’re looking for more adventure, inquire about our water sport equipment. Yacht4Less can provide everything you need for snorkeling, paddleboarding, kayaking, and more.

If culture and sophistication is more your thing, check out our Puerto Rico sailing holidays guide, or New Caledonia. Here you’ll find an abundance of art, history, and cuisine to delight in. Spend your holiday going to unique museums, cafes, restaurants, and bars.

While most of our destinations have something for everyone, talk with your charter broker about what you envision for your perfect winter sun sailing holidays for a list of proposals tailored to you! 

Boat type will also influence the activities you do during your winter sun sailing holidays. For the most-action packed trip consider a bareboat charter, where you get to be the captain of your own ship. With the freedom to plan and change your own itinerary, the sky's the limit! For the ultimate luxury experience, go for a crewed yacht charter! The  best way to relax is to have a captain and chef onboard to take care of every need.

Tips for your Winter Sun Sailing Holidays

Some things to consider before you plan your winter sun sailing holidays is the weather. Make sure to research your destinations weather to avoid any unpleasant surprises, like tropical storms or hurricanes. Specific local conditions will vary. 

Also take into consideration winds. For example, the Caribbean in the winter tends to have strong winds, 18-25 knots, and for some that may sound like a blast! However, others may prefer a chiller sailing experience. In that case, the South Pacific will be a better bet. During the southern hemisphere’s summer, trade winds are weaker and calm sailing conditions are more likely.

Also, while you are in tropical climates, which are much closer to the equator, sun protection is very important! Don’t forget that the sun might be much stronger than you are used to. Reflections from the sand and ocean can increase sun exposure, as well, so you should load up on sunscreen, hats, and even UV protection clothing while on your holiday. 

Yacht4Less’ Top 5 Winter Sun Escape Destinations

Sailing holidays in St. Vincent
Yacht charter base: Lagoon Hotel & Marina 
Top Activities & Attractions: Hiking La Soufriere Volcano, Visit Fort Charlotte, Lay out on Saltwhistle Bay or Macaroni Beach, Explore the Botanical Gardens

Sailing holidays in French Polynesia
Yacht charter base: Raiatea
Top Activities & Attractions: Hike Mount Otemanu, Visit Gauguin's Pearl Farm, Walk along Matira Beach, Immerse yourself in history at the Museum of Tahiti and the Islands

Sailing holidays in Seychelles
Yacht charter Base in Mahe or Praslin
Top Activities & Attractions: Sail St. Anne Marine Park, sit beneath the Takamaka trees at Anse Lazio beach, see tortoises at Prison Island, hike through Vallée de Mai National Park

Sailing holidays in Mexico
Yacht charter base: La Paz
Top Activities & Attractions: Sunbathe on Balandra Beach, visit the Museo de Antropología e Historia de Baja California Sur, Swim with Sea Lions in the Sea of Cortez, stroll the Malecón for cafes, restaurants and bars

Sailing holidays in New Caledonia
Yacht charter base: Noumea
Top Activities & Attractions: Soak up the sun on Plage de Luengoni, sail out to the Amedee Lighthouse, enjoy the four-hour climb up Mont Dore, take the Tchou Tchou Train through Noumea

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