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Sleeping on a Boat: The Ultimate Overnight Boating Guide

Sleeping on a Boat: The Ultimate Overnight Boating Guide

Have you ever been sleeping on a boat before? And we don't mean just a casual nap in the sun. When you charter a yacht for your holiday getaway, you can skip the overcrowded and overpriced hotels by spending the night aboard your very own home-at-sea. 

Not sure if spending the night on a boat is really your style? When you book a private yacht charter, there are enough different choices to suit everyone's unique style of travel—from elegant, five-star accommodations to casual, do-it-yourself adventure. 

Get ready for sleeping on a yacht rental overnight with our Ultimate Overnight Boating Guide: 

Why sleep aboard? 

If it's your first time considering sleeping on a boat overnight, then you might be wary of getting started. We get it. But whether you're looking for a boat for camping or a boat for luxuriating between beach trips, the best overnight accommodations is your yacht. Here's why: 

Get an early start to your day

If you're spending the night in a hotel, then setting sail early in the morning means you have to hit the ground running. You've got to wake up early enough to assemble your gear at the hotel and spend time physically getting to the docks—all before the rest of the crowds do. 

But when you spend the night aboard your boat, you're ready to go from the moment you get out of bed. This spells less time wasted trying to get to your destination and more time on the open water enjoying your holiday. 

Enjoy more amenities at a cheaper price

Sleeping on a boat overnight doesn’t just save you time—it also saves you money! After all, you're already chartering a boat for your holiday, so why add additional hotel (and travel) fees to the mix? 

And while spending the night aboard your yacht is cheaper than staying in a hotel, it can actually be more luxurious. Why shell out the cash for a hotel room with a waterfront view when you can enjoy your own on-the-water view from your private yacht charter? 

Settle in with all your luggage

With views that can't be beat and a nonexistent hotel bill, sleeping on a yacht rental overnight is one of the biggest insider tips from pro-travelers—and at the end of the day, it’s just more comfortable, too. 

As you sail from one hot locale to the next, why would you want to keep unpacking and packing your bags at every different hotel you have to check into? When you decide to sleep on your yacht overnight, you can fully settle in for your holiday. This means you won't have to worry about forgetting anything in hotels, and you won't have to waste time going back and forth between hotels and your yacht. Instead, you can truly get comfortable and make your cabin your cozy home-away-from-home for your holiday. 

Escape loud neighbors and street noise

Perhaps the number one reason for sleeping on a boat during your holiday is to skip out on the crowds, the loud neighbors, and the street noise.

When you charter your own yacht, you can truly enjoy a tranquil getaway, where the gentle sound of the waves can lull you to sleep at night—not your annoying neighbors in the hotel who won’t stop partying. For a relaxing holiday that's peaceful and calm, sleeping aboard your boat can't be beat. 


How to sleep on a boat

Sold on spending the night sleeping on your yacht rental? Get ready for a good night's sleep with our boat camping tips:

Make sure you're well anchored

It might go without saying, but if you're going to be sleeping on a boat overnight, make sure that you're well anchored before you're ready to get under the covers, so you don't drift during the night. (No matter how adventurous you are, no one wants to wake up the next morning somewhere unknown out at sea!)

Don't forget extra layers

Even if you're sailing in a warm climate, like the Mediterranean or the Caribbean, it's a good idea to bring some extra layers with you. At night, your body temperature will naturally drop, which can make you feel cold while sleeping, so make sure you pack an extra sweater and socks to stay cozy at night. 

Stay calm

If it's your first time sleeping on a boat, you may be feeling a little uneasy, as it's a new and unusual experience. Try to remember that sleeping on a boat is just like sleeping anywhere else. It also helps to maintain your normal pre-sleep routine (like having a cup of tea, reading, etc.), so your body knows it's time to get to sleep. 

We also recommend bringing earplugs in case the splashing water or creakings from the boat distract you at night.

What our overnight yacht rentals can offer you

At Yacht4less, we know not everyone's idea of a dream holiday is the same, which is why we offer a host of different yachts for charter, so you can find the perfect match for your tip. Here's what some of our yacht rentals can offer you:

Fully-crewed yacht

Looking for five-star luxury? We deliver with a fully-crewed yacht

This kind of charter comes staffed with a captain, hostess, and private chef. Imagine waking up after spending the night on your boat with a gourmet breakfast prepared to your liking by a private chef. No need to go to a restaurant—instead, enjoy your custom meal on the deck of your private boat with the view of the sunrise.

By the cabin

Want the feel of that five-star luxury with a smaller price tag? We have options. Charter a yacht by the cabin

With a by-the-cabin yacht charter, you're booking a cabin aboard a yacht, much like booking a room in a hotel or on a cruise ship. You'll still enjoy a private room and bathroom, and you'll have free range of the common spaces, such as the kitchen, living room, and deck. This is also a great choice for those who like the more social atmosphere of a hotel. 


Are you really looking for a boat for camping? It's time to go bareboat

Bareboat is for those who want to be the captain of their own vessel, chartering a fully-equipped yacht to sail without the assistance of a skipper. If you're an experienced sailor, this is a great way to enjoy maximum freedom and privacy while you spend the night aboard a private yacht. 


Need something a little more stripped down, but don't know how to sail? Choose a skippered yacht charter

With a skippered yacht, you can enjoy sailing and sleeping aboard a boat stress-free with a private skipper who's at the helm to take care of the legwork. An added bonus is that you can stay at unique anchorages and bays that you wouldn't have access to on a bareboat, as they're only open to a crew with expertise. 

Sleeping on a yacht rental overnight takes a sailing holiday to the next level. 

Want to learn more about your options for booking for your next trip? Get in touch with a consultant at Yacht4less for all the details and a free quote. 

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