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Lagoon 40 - Yacht in Review

Lagoon 40 - Yacht in Review

The successor to the Lagoon 400, the Lagoon 40 catamaran is an ergonomic, medium-sized catamaran—and a fan favorite among all kinds of sailors. Delivering both easy maneuverability and spaciousness, the Lagoon 40 is an ideal yacht for island-hopping, while also offering enough comfort and room for longer, mile-building trips. 

Plus, it’s shallow draft means you can explore a wide range of anchorages and secluded bays that you wouldn’t be able to access with a different vessel. 

Keen on booking the Lagoon 40 for your dream sailing holiday? See why it’s our top pick with our detailed Lagoon 40 review

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Lagoon 40 catamaran - Exterior features

Lagoon 40 (2019 built) Victor, helm station.

At 40 feet long, the Lagoon 40 catamaran combines slick design from Nauta Design with all-star efficiency for a sailing experience that’s fast, comfortable, and roomy.

First, the catamaran’s large aft does double duty with its spacious swim platform that enables both safe boarding and easy access to the tender. Meanwhile, at the bow, you can find inset storage for fenders and ground tackle, as well as an anchor locker and a comfortable lounging area for passengers and crew. 

Also noteworthy: The bow includes a midship cleat, an often-overlooked feature that goes a long way in affording easy maneuverability. 

While aboard your Lagoon 40 catamaran, you’ll also be able to note the excellent visibility at the helming position. From here, only a small portion of the port bow is a blind spot, so you can count on a clear view of the sails throughout your journey. 

From aft to bow, the Lagoon 40 layout is the cream of the crop among luxury catamarans and a great choice for sailing holidays for experts and novices alike.

Lagoon 40 layout - Interior features

Lagoon 40 layout - cockpit lounge
Lagoon 40 layout - catamaran "Victor" interior lounge.

Venture below deck, and you’ll find an elegantly-crafted interior that makes the Lagoon 40 feel like your own private oasis. 

Behind a set of patio doors is a large, U-shaped living area, styled with neutral-colored fabric, faux leather, and a luxurious, contemporary touch from Nauta Design. There’s also a recreation area and a special sunbathing area by the forward cockpit. 

Planning a boat party or family gathering aboard the Lagoon 40? Another advantage of the Lagoon 40 is its versatility: Whether you’re preparing a sailing holiday for an intimate group or you’d like to travel with a large party of friends and/or family, this catamaran can deliver. 

The Yacht4Less recommended Lagoon 40 "Victor" has four cabins and four bathrooms, making it a top choice among sailors, with a starboard dining room that can accommodate up to 10 guests. Plus, this yacht boasts a bevy of large hull windows, so all of your guests can enjoy natural light and clear-water views throughout your sailing journey. 

Finally, in the galley you’ll find a functional L-shaped work surface area, complete with a three-burner stove, a refrigerator and freezer, and ample space to store provisions.

Luxury sailing equipment & extras

Lagoon 40 "Victor" kitchen.

The Lagoon 40 specs deliver supreme comfort and manoeuvrability that make any sailing holiday a surefire win. With amenities that include a hot-water shower, a composite Bimini top, solar panels, a dinghy with an outboard engine, and a USB player with speakers, the Yacht4Less-recommended Lagoon 40, Victor, is primed for smooth sailing—but there’s always room for you to request additional features to take your holiday up a notch. 

For example, have you considered requesting a skipper or even a full crew? 

Imagine sailing with a captain, chef, and hostess aboard, so you can kick back and relax before you even set sail. Your captain will plan the route and direct the rest of the crew; your chef will deliver gourmet meals for you every day; and your hostess will ensure the catamaran’s interior is in tip-top shape throughout your journey—talk about a week of luxury! 

Where can you charter a Lagoon 40 catamaran?

Our top pick for a sailing holiday with the Lagoon 40 catamaran? We recommend the Lagoon 40 Victor, which can be chartered in Athens for a Saronic Gulf sailing holiday. 

You can set sail on the Lagoon 40, Victor, from Alimos marina, which is only 30 km from Athens International Airport. The capital of beautiful Greece, Athens is the perfect starting point for your luxury sailing holiday—and easily accessible from its position in the southern part of the Balkan Peninsula. Athens International Airport is the largest airport in Greece, with 142 airports around the world offering direct flights to the capital. Alternatively, if you're coming from Italy, you can also arrive by ferry from Brindisi, Bari, Ancona or Venice. Once the ferry docks in Patras Port, it's a simple two-hour bus ride to Athens.

Pricing for the Lagoon 40 luxury sailing catamaran

Like most sailing holidays, the price varies depending on the time of year you decide to travel. 

For a sweet spot that combines great sailing with moderate prices, we suggest booking a trip in September or October, when the sea is still warm and the weather is amiable, but the summer rush has died down. During these months, the Lagoon 40 catamaran price for a week-long sailing trip is around £4,000 plus extras. To catch the other end of the shoulder season, we also recommend booking your Lagoon 40 during April or May, when there are long hours of daylight and rising temperatures, for a lower price. 

July and August are, of course, the most popular time for tourists to set sail from Athens, when a week-long sailing holiday aboard the Lagoon 40 (2019 built) "Victor" will cost about £6,500 plus extras.

Of course, these prices don’t include our Yacht4less reductions, so make sure you reach out to a consultant before booking your trip! 


The Lagoon 40 is a customer favorite—and for good reason. Fast, comfortable, and roomy, you can take off on a sailing holiday that promises both adventure and supreme comfort. 

To get more information about booking your upcoming trip, contact the Yacht4less team.

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