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Lagoon 620: Yacht in review

Lagoon 620: Yacht in review

Searching for the perfect catamaran to host a luxury sailing holiday with friends or family? No need to keep looking. The Valium 62 is the ideal vessel for combining luxury, comfort, and speed, so you can enjoy true cruising comfort from the moment you set sail with a Lagoon 620 charter. 

A custom-designed Lagoon 620 catamaran, the Valium 62 was specifically designed with entertainment in mind, making it the ideal choice for sailing trips where you want to focus on hosting and socializing. Plus, with a professional crew aboard comprising a captain, deckhand, and chef, you can be sure to impress all your guests with smooth sailing and gourmet meals. 

The Valium 62 is one of our top picks for a Mediterranean luxury sailing holiday. Read on to find out why. 


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Lagoon 620 (Valium 62) - specs at a glance

Valium 62 delivers a smoother ride than you’ll get with smaller boats

Built in 2018, the Valium 62 remains an excellent choice for a luxury catamaran charter, as its large size and pristine entertainment facilities ensure a sailing holiday of comfort and luxury. 

At 62 feet in length, the Valium 62 is bigger than your average catamaran, which comes with a lot of advantages. 

Besides simply being more spacious, the Valium 62 delivers a smoother ride than you’ll get with smaller boats since this big vessel can cut through the water cleanly and efficiently. Its large size also makes it more resistant to extreme weather; sailors will find the Valium 62 easy to control in the face of moderate rain, winds, and waves. 

In addition to these advantages of size, you’ll also find great speed and visibility aboard the Valium 62. With clear lines of sight all around and both port and starboard helms, the Valium 62 offers flexibility for docking; meanwhile, its two 150 hp Volvo engines mean you can whizz through the water at speeds of up to 10 knots. 

Lagoon 620 (Valium 62) catamaran - Exterior features

Lagoon 620 catamaran - exterior layout
Valium 62, exterior layout

Big and comfortable, the Valium 62 was designed for the ultimate luxury yacht experience—and this goes for areas both above and below deck. 

With three different outer deck areas, there’s room for your entire party to come together to socialize or fan out for some solo relaxing time. Either way, there’s enough room aboard this large catamaran to prevent anyone from ever feeling cramped. 

The cockpit area, for example, is equipped with a specific entertaining area, where guests are invited to lounge inside and relax throughout the sailing journey. 

There’s also an aft-deck dining area. Here, guests can enjoy gourmet, professionally-cooked meals from the crew’s chef, while relaxing under a broad awning if they want to keep out of the sun’s direct rays. This dining area also includes a wet bar, so guests can enjoy happy hour cocktails throughout the day. 

Lagoon 620 (Valium 62) layout - Interior features

Lagoon 620 interior
Valium 62, lounge area

Take a step inside the Valium 62, and you’ll find the same well-thought-out design elements continue below deck. 

With five double VIP cabins, this large catamaran can easily accommodate up to 10 guests—all with first-class amenities. Every cabin contains its own ensuite facilities, including stall showers and deep sinks that allow you to take the spa experience to the sea during your sailing holiday. 

Cooking can be done in the aft port quarter or in the saloon, where the natural lighting and impressive spaciousness lend the space to socializing and chatting with the chef. Here, guests can easily communicate their needs to the chef while they continue to enjoy stunning views through the many hatches and windows. 

Meals can also take place in the below-deck dining area, where guests can be served gourmet feasts at modern-style tables and benches. A wet bar is also on hand for cocktails of choice, while a sun pad provides another space for guests to soak up the Mediterranean sunshine.

You and your guests can also mingle in the starboard lounge space, with glossy wooden tables setting the scene for clear, unfiltered views of the sparkling horizon. 


Lagoon 620 chef & food
Valium 62: enjoy gourmet, professionally-cooked meals.

Impressive size and luxury are two of the key features boasted by the Valium 62, but this one-of-a-kind catamaran is also uniquely designed for entertainment. 

Aboard, you and your guests can enjoy a host of different water sports and toys, including fishing gear, snorkeling equipment, tubes, wakeboards, and water skis for both adults and children. 

Take a swim in the sea alongside the Valium 62’s underwater lights. Host a sailing movie night with the home cinema, TV saloon, and DVD player. And surf the web while you surf the waves in comfort with the catamaran’s interior air conditioning, Internet connection, and complimentary PC/laptop.

Whether you’re setting sail to swim, socialize, or simply relax, the Valium 62 has the crew, features, and extras to deliver your dream sailing holiday. 

Where to charter the Valium 62 catamaran 

Interested in a Lagoon 620 charter but not sure where you can reserve your own dream sailing holiday aboard the Valium 62? 

You can charter the Valium 62 at its home port in Athens, Greece. 

Along the Mediterranean Sea, this port is the perfect starting point for a luxury sail with friends and family. And no matter where you are, you can easily reach Athens for your holiday: One hundred and forty-two airports around the world offer direct flights to Athens International Airport. If you’re coming from Italy, things are even easier: Simply take a ferry from Brindisi, Bari, Ancona, or Venice, followed by a short bus ride to the capital.


Of course, the price for chartering the Valium 62 will vary depending on the time of year when you decide to set sail. 

July and August are the most popular months, so a holiday during this high season will cost about 29.500 € per week plus expenses (VAT & APA).

To still enjoy sweet sailing at a better rate, try booking your holiday during the mid season: June and September. These months will still offer beautiful sailing weather but will only run you about 26.500 € per week plus expenses (VAT & APA).

Chartering the Valium 62 at any other point during the year (i.e., the low season) will cost about 20.500 € per week plus expenses (VAT & APA).

Keen on finding a Lagoon 620 for rent for your next holiday? You can charter this luxury catamaran by connecting with the Yacht4Less team! 


Impressively large but still sleek and sophisticated, the Valium 62 is a top-tier Lagoon 620 catamaran for rent ideal for big parties and with a focus on entertainment and luxury. 

To get more information about booking your upcoming trip, contact the Yacht4less team.

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