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Saba 50: Yacht in Review

Saba 50: Yacht in Review

Many people ask us, “Is the Saba 50 a good luxury catamaran?

When it comes to assessing this Fountaine Pajot-built yacht, we can’t say enough good things. 

From specs to layout to extra features, the Saba 50 is a top-tier, large, luxury catamaran that delivers on comfort and performance for both long-haul and short-term sailing holidays. 

With excellent space optimization, the Saba 50 is spacious but not too large, which makes it easily manoeuvrable and a true pleasure to sail—what we like to call a true performance cruising catamaran. 

Whether you’re looking for a yacht to take you on an island-hopping holiday or a vessel that’s suitable for longer, mile-building trips, the Saba 50 is your best bet

We share more details on why in our Saba 50 review.

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Saba 50 exterior 

Saba 50 , helm station.
Saba 50, helm station.

At 49 feet in length, the Saba 50 is a large catamaran that doesn’t skimp on providing space for guests to both socialize comfortably or lounge for some R&R on their own. 

On deck, the Saba 50 layout features three distinct and separate lounging areas. Let’s take a look.

First, at the bow, you’ll find a conversation nook with two lounges—adequate space to host up to eight guests comfortably. Under the shade of the cabin house, this cosy nook is a cooler place to chill than the cockpit but still delivers on that awesome superyacht feel. 

Next guests can also head to the aft cockpit. Two steps up from a swim platform on either side, this lounging area has a transom seat that can host six to eight guests; with a roof extending over the seat, you can spend the afternoon lounging in comfort without worrying about sweltering in the sun’s direct rays. The cockpit also features a dining table for outdoor meals. When folded, this table can fit six people, but it can also be expanded to seat a total of 10 guests for a truly elaborate meal. 

Finally, on the flybridge, you’ll find a settee with seating for six people—and no matter where you’re seating, you’ll have a front-row seat to awe-inspiring views from your perch on the Saba 50. Bonus: This lounge area leaves enough room for guests to easily converse with the captain while sailing if desired. 

Saba 50 interior

As you head inside, the Saba 50 layout continues to dazzle. The catamaran’s four or five-cabin configuration—complete with four bathrooms—promises a 5-star, luxury experience for every guest on board with enough storage space to accommodate any wares you want to take along with you. 

In the kitchen, a large island means multiple people can take part in meal preparation if they’d like or simply gather to socialize over their drink of choice. Meanwhile, a double-drawer fridge, a four-burner stove, a freezer, and an oven set the scene for cooking enthusiasts to prepare their favourite meals aboard the Saba 50. 

Guests can also lounge indoors in the saloon, where a low settee and accompanying coffee table alongside built-in wine storage make for a cosy, indoor hideaway.

The outside and the inside of the Saba 50 are separated by a wide glass door, which makes it easy for guests to pass in and out. (This is particularly helpful in the kitchen, as meals can easily be passed outside via the sliding window by the sink to set up al fresco dining for every meal.) 

Plus, overhead hatches and large windows mean the Saba 50 interior is always sunny and views of the crystal-clear water are never far away. 

Saba 50 yacht - Extras

Saba 50 cockpit lounge area.

The Saba 50 specs prove this catamaran is a top choice for its space optimization, easy manoeuvrability, and comfort, but there are a host of extra features that also make this yacht a fan favourite among sailors. 

For example, a teak cockpit and cockpit cushions add a touch of elegance. A dingy and stand up paddle bring fun extras to your on-board essentials. Skylight windows and a panoramic window promise natural beauty from every angle. And integrated solar panels deliver a powerful punch that you won’t find aboard most yachts. 

To bring your Saba 50 sailing experience to the next level, you can also consider sailing with a full crew (a captain, chef, and hostess), so you can enjoy first-class luxury every moment of your trip.

Where can you charter a Saba 50? 

Saba 50, panoramic view.

Has the Saba 50 caught your eye for an upcoming sailing holiday? 

This luxury catamaran is available in many of our worldwide destinations.

Find out more about availability and pricing.

Pricing for the Saba 50 catamaran

Like any sailing holiday, you’ll find different prices at different times of the year. 

To sail the Saba 50 luxury catamaran in the Mediterranean, we recommend booking between May and August, as these are the best months for soaking up the warm weather and sunshine the island has to offer. Prices during this time can range between around £6,000 and £15,000 per week.

You can also charter the Saba 50 in late September or October when the weather is still pleasant. Prices during this time are around £5,000 per week.


From island-hopping to longer, mile-building trips, the Saba 50 was designed to be ergonomic, comfortable, and easily manoeuvrable, spelling a great luxury sailing holiday for everyone.

To get more information about booking your upcoming trip, contact the Yacht4less team.

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