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Lagoon 46: Yacht in review

Lagoon 46: Yacht in review

One of the catamarans to keep an eye out for is the fantastic Lagoon 46. With several impressive novelties, the Lagoon 46 could potentially become the replacement of today’s most popular Lagoon model of all times, the Lagoon 450

If you are searching for a catamaran with amazing sailing performance and enough space for you and your friends, be sure to check out the Lagoon 46. Find out why she should be your holiday yacht in Yacht4Less’s comprehensive review below. 

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Lagoon 46 interior

lagoon 46 bow
Bow: Lagoon 46 "Boreas" (available for charter in Greece)

A sailing holiday is all about that special and liberating feeling. That is why the interior of the Lagoon 46 is very open, making you feel as if you are one with the ocean. Lagoon promises to keep designing catamarans with bright saloons and 360 panoramic views so you can enjoy the colorful scenery wherever you are on board.

The U-shaped galley was designed so that socializing with friends at the aft cockpit while cooking is very easy. The galley comes with a 4 burner stove, dishwasher, lots of storage, and most importantly, enough refrigerators to keep all of your food and drinks coolled. Did you know that the Lagoon 46 has also got a sliding large front window which allows you to easily pass on drinks to friends at the bow as well?

The cabins are very spacious, offering more than enough storage for all belongings. One of the many beautiful and new characteristics which this catamaran model offers is that all beds (in both aft and bow cabins) are the same size - queen beds.

Lagoon 46 layout

lagoon 46 galley
Galley: Lagoon 46 "Boreas" (available for charter in Greece)

She is a 5-star hotel floating on water. No matter which version you choose (3 or 4 cabin version), each cabin has its own bathroom and toilet.

lagoon 46 toilet
Restroom: Lagoon 46 "Boreas" (available for charter in Greece)

The 3 cabin owners version has an enormous owner's cabin on the starboard side, with 2 same size cabins on the port side. The 4 cabin version has 4 large cabins.

We decided to divide the exterior into 3 parts and give you a walkthrough of each. These are the places you will mostly be staying at while on board, so let's get into detail:

  1. Aft cockpit - When sitting at the aft sofa, you will truly be able to take in the grandness of the yacht. The chaise lounge is the perfect place to relax, read a book, and enjoy socializing with everyone at the dining table. In our opinion, one of the smartest and most practical parts to mention is the sliding bench. If you are 4, you can bring the bench closer to the dining table. If you are sailing with a larger group, the table can be opened up for a maximum of 10, and the bench can be pushed backwards creating more space to sit by the table. In addition, a small kitchen has been added to the exterior too.
    lagoon 46 cockpit
    Cockpit: Lagoon 46 "Boreas" (available for charter in Greece)


  2. Flybridge - the bench seat is large enough for the skipper and guests to be together while sailing. The wide cushions on the flybridge can be transformed into a seating or tanning area, making this area very customizable. The views from up here are the best, so if you are looking for the best place to relax on board, it would most definitely be there. 
  3. Bow cockpit - typical for a Lagoon catamaran, you will find the nets connecting the two hulls of the boat. With a large seating area for socializing, there is a newly added small coffee table where you can enjoy a glass of wine when anchored in a relaxing and calm bay. 

Lagoon 46 specs

Lagoon 46 "Boreas" (available for charter in Greece)

Even though she is a 46, the overall length is just under 46’, 45'11'' (13.99m). Her beam is 7.96m and her draft is 1.35m. This allows for anchoring in more shallow waters closer to the beach. This model is often equipped with a watermaker, in which case guests do not have to stress about water at all. She can accommodate up to 12 people so the size of the water tanks (2x300l) is more than sufficient. With 2 fuel tanks, each holding up to 520l of fuel, guests are spared of searching for fuel stations during their holiday as enough fuel fits for a weeks worth of sailing. 

Lagoon 46 crew cabin

lagoon 46 aft cabin
AFT Cabin: Lagoon 46 "Boreas" (available for charter in Greece)

The Lagoon 46 has 2 single cabins at the bow which can be used by the crew (skipper and hostess or cook), or a small child. Find out more about skippered charters, and fully crewed charters. If you prefer to sail with a professional crew, Yacht4Less can help you find your charter crew. 

Lagoon 46 top speed

As she is lighter than her predecessors, she is able to reach higher speeds. Under power with the standard 2x57 HP engines, she can go up to 8.5 knots if you really push her. Usually you will go up to 7 knots and will still be able to enjoy the noticeable quieter engines. 

Under sails, she can go up to 13 knots. Lagoon 46 has the mast moved backwards towards the aft, allowing for more stable and less rocky sailing, minimizing the ‘‘up-and-down’ feeling. As she is a big and powerful catamaran, sailing is made easier with her self tacking jib. 

Lagoon 46 charter cost

Depending on the time of year, charter prices range from €5400 (£4500) in pre and post season, and up to €12000 (£10000) in high season in Croatia. Prices in Greece and Italy this year are very similar, ranging from €6000 (£5050) to €11,500 (£9600). Keep in mind that these are bareboat prices. Skipper, crew, and extras can be ordered additionally. In high season, daily skippers rates can range from €180 to €200 (average £160), and daily hostesses rates from €120 to €150 (average £110) per day. Check our latest sailing charter deals for lagoon 46!

Final thoughts

This beauty is not only spacious and comfortable, she offers impressive designs throughout the interior and exterior. The salon is large and airy, the designs are modern and the layout makes the boat very functional. Each part of the catamaran was designed to perfection and space was used up wisely, creating the ideal catamaran for your sailing holiday. 

Interested in a luxurious sailing holiday on board a gorgeous Lagoon 46? Please feel free to send us your enquiry via email at info@yacht4less.com and one of our experienced yacht charter consultants will get back to you will a list of the best priced available options for your preferred dates and location.


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